Effortlessly Archive Chats in Chat-GPT: Organize Without Deleting from Taskbar

Users can now archive their chats in Chat-GPT, allowing them to remove chats from the sidebar without deleting them. This feature enables users to prioritize and manage their essential chats effectively.

OpenAI Announces Social Media Platform X Integration

OpenAI has provided information on the integration of Chat-GPT with the social media platform X. The new feature is currently available only on the web and iOS versions of Chat-GPT. The company has mentioned that it will be made available for Android users in a short period.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a chat generative pre-trained transformer developed by OpenAI. It is an artificially intelligent chatbot capable of answering any question present on the internet, and it can also respond to questions not asked on the internet before. It is a software that reads available information on the internet and responds to questions posed to it.

Types of Questions You Can Ask on ChatGPT

You can ask any kind of question on ChatGPT, whether it’s completing your email, giving advice on making your video go viral, or suggesting a gift for your spouse. ChatGPT provides comprehensive information in concise and clear words. If a student needs to write an essay on public administration, they can simply type “write an essay on public administration” on ChatGPT, and it will provide the entire text in front of them.

Limits of ChatGPT

While ChatGPT provides answers to various questions with ease, it does have some limitations. It may struggle in areas where there is a lack of general knowledge, fail to provide context in emotional situations, and find it challenging to understand specific contexts. Understanding the context of any subject can be difficult for ChatGPT.

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