Anand: State Reacts to 7-Month Old Controversial Collector Video

As the Collector of Anand district, IAS officer D.S. Gadhvi, from the 2008 batch, has been suspended by the state government on Wednesday after a scandalous video of him with a woman surfaced two months before the legislative assembly elections. Additionally, DDO Milind Bapana has been appointed as the acting Collector. The incriminating actions of Dilip Gadhvi were captured on a hidden camera placed in the cabin of the Collector’s office. This evidence led to his suspension.

In the Collector’s office of Anand district, in the month of January, a scandalous video of IAS officer D.S. Gadhvi engaging in inappropriate behavior with a woman within the office premises came to the attention of Chief Minister. This incident led to the immediate suspension of Dilip Gadhvi by the Gujarat government. The order was also issued to relieve him from his position. In his place, DDO Milind Bapana has been given charge.

The focus of the suspension of the Collector was being discussed in Anand district. Following the order from the Chief Minister’s office, a probe committee is being formed. This committee will include several women officials, including Additional Chief Secretary Sunaina Tomar, Principal Secretary Mamata Varma, Rural Development Commissioner Manisha Chandra, Joint Secretary Bhakti Shamal, and Deviben Pandya. Previously, a higher-ranking officer in Anand had fallen victim to a trap, which was later hushed up. However, in the case of the Collector of Anand, the video evidence of his inappropriate actions reached higher authorities, leading to prompt action.

Video Recorded at 5 PM on January 10

This chapter was going on in the Anand Collector’s office for some time now. So someone who had the knowledge put a camera between the files and took a video of the actions with the woman and sent it to the higher level. The scene was captured on video at 4.52 pm on 10th January. In which a woman comes around 4.51. The collector moves after holding his hand and pulling it. After that, it was recorded in the video that he was sitting in a chair and talking to him.

IAS Officer D.S. Gadhvi in Kheda District Controversy 

He was serving as the District Development Officer (DDO) in Kheda district at that time. A dispute had arisen regarding an incident involving him and a woman in the office of the district panchayat. This incident had caused quite a commotion in the district panchayat. Eventually, the matter was resolved through some means, possibly through negotiation and pressure.

Conversations Involving Individuals Connected to the Video Incident

The video of the Collector of Anand district, from which it seems that all the activities taking place in the Collector’s office are known from the very beginning. When does the Collector perform his duties? At what time does the woman come? All this information can be verified from the recorded data. Additionally, without permission from any other person in the Collector’s office, removing the video of the Collector by someone from the inside could have potentially leaked confidential information. Currently, there is a strong focus on the fact that a staff member of the Collector’s office, who had submitted an application or appeal to the Collector’s office a month ago, had brought along a photographer to take their photo and video, investigating where the camera was hidden. For this purpose, four to five employees connected with the media were contacted, asking for video footage and verifying whether the camera had been installed with their assistance.

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