Fatal Accident in Surat: BRTS Bus Collides with Another, Resulting in Death, Education Minister Rushed to Hospital

In the expansive GIDC area of Surat, a significant accident occurred involving two BRTS buses on the main Swami Bridge. An electric BRTS bus collided with another behind it, resulting in a serious accident. During the collision, four motorcycles between the buses suffered severe damage, leading to a fatal outcome for one person.

Education Minister Visits Hospitalized Accident Victims

As nine individuals affected by the accident were rushed to the hospital for treatment, three of them were reported to be in critical condition. The hospital is actively providing medical care to all the accident victims. Additionally, fire department personnel and police officers swiftly arrived at the scene upon learning of the incident. Education Minister Prful Panseriya visited the Kiran Hospital to inquire about the condition of the accident victims.

One Fatality in Accident Caused by BRTS Bus Brake Failure

Surat DCP Pinakin Parmar stated that a BRTS bus had applied brakes abruptly near the Katargam Police Station, resulting in a collision with four bikes behind it. Eight individuals were on board the bus at the time. Another BRTS bus arriving from behind also collided with the stationary bus, causing an impact on the rickshaw and tempo that were already present. Legal proceedings have been initiated against the BRTS bus driver, and the affected individuals have been taken to Kiran Hospital and Smimer Hospital for treatment. Unfortunately, one person lost their life in this incident. Currently, normal traffic flow has been restored by removing both BRTS buses from the scene.

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