Alleged Harassment Incident on Bus: Victim Pursued by Accused from Padra to Vadodara; Police Intervention Sought

In a commendable display of vigilance and proactive intervention, Padra Abhayam’s team successfully addressed a distressing incident involving a student who regularly commuted from Padra to Vadodara on an ST bus. The incident involved a young man who had allegedly engaged in unwanted physical contact and persistent harassment towards the student during her commute.

The Desperate Plea for Assistance:

Having endured this traumatic experience for an extended period, the student, identified as Abhay, decided to seek help. Fearing for her safety and fed up with the persistent harassment, Abhay approached the bus’s help desk and urgently requested assistance. She courageously reported the situation, describing the troubling behavior of the young man who had been making her commute a harrowing ordeal.

Abhayam’s Timely Response:

Padra Abhayam, a local initiative committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of the community, sprang into action upon receiving Abhay’s distress call. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the Abhayam rescue team promptly mobilized its resources to address the incident and provide immediate assistance to the victim.

Resolution and Police Involvement:

The Abhayam rescue team swiftly reached Padra, where the incident was taking place. With a focused and efficient response, they were able to apprehend the young man in question. Subsequently, the individual was handed over to the Padra police for further investigation and legal action.

Relentless Harassment on Vadodara Bus Route: Student Seeks Abhayam’s Assistance

In an unsettling series of events, a persistent young man has been causing distress to passengers on the Vadodara bus route, particularly targeting a female master’s degree student. This individual has repeatedly followed the student during her commutes, intentionally encroaching upon her personal space. Despite her protests and pleas for him to desist, the harassment persisted, ultimately driving the student to seek assistance from the Abhayam organization.

Swift Action by Abhayam Team Rescues Student from Harrowing ST Bus Incident

In a harrowing and distressing incident aboard an ST bus, a female student found herself in a terrifying situation when an unidentified young man took advantage of the crowded vehicle to engage in inappropriate and invasive behavior. The situation escalated to the point where the student, frightened and overwhelmed, sought immediate assistance by dialing the 181 women’s helpline. Responding promptly to the call, the Abhayam team arrived at the scene in Padra and apprehended the alleged offender, ensuring the student’s safety.


In the culmination of this distressing incident, the alleged harasser, identified as P., was apprehended and handed over to the Padra police. P.’s occupation as a scavenger came to light during the investigation, and it was noted that he displayed no remorse when engaged by Abhay’s team. The student, who had endured fear and harassment, expressed concerns about potential future incidents. To ensure her ongoing safety and hold the alleged offender accountable for his actions, P. was brought to the police station. This step seeks to secure both permanent protection for the victim and the appropriate legal consequences for the alleged crime, emphasizing the imperative of addressing harassment and ensuring the safety of all community members.

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