Former Maharashtra CM Ashok Chavan Joins BJP: Jairam Ramesh Weighs In; Uddhav Expresses Concern

Former Chief Minister of Maharashtra and veteran leader of the Congress party, Ashok Chavan, has officially joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) today, February 13th. Alongside Chavan, former MLA Amar Rajurkar from Congress also became a member of the BJP. This move marks a significant shift in the political dynamics of Maharashtra.

According to sources, the BJP may consider nominating Chavan for the state legislative council. It is speculated that he might file nominations for the upcoming elections as well. However, Uddhav Thackeray, the supremo of the Shiv Sena (UBT), expressed concerns, suggesting that if the BJP fields Chavan for the legislative council, it could be seen as disrespectful to the sacrifices of martyred soldiers.

Chavan submitted his resignation from the Congress on February 12th, and he also resigned from his legislative assembly membership. While leaving the party, he clarified that he had no grievances against anyone. Further decisions regarding his political journey are expected to be announced in the next two days.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday, Chavan stated, “Today, I embark on a new political journey. I am joining the BJP. I will be joining the Maharashtra BJP office along with Deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis and State BJP President Chandrakant Patil.”

Ashok Chavan Resignation

From Chief Minister’s Resignation to Chief Minister: The Political Journey of Ashok Chavan

Ashok Chavan served as the Chief Minister of Maharashtra from December 2008 to November 2010. He took over the position after Vilasrao Deshmukh stepped down as Chief Minister following the terrorist attacks in Mumbai in December 2008. Chavan assumed the responsibilities of the Chief Minister during a challenging time for the state. Besides leading Maharashtra, he also shouldered responsibilities in various departments including culture, industries, and agriculture.

Ashok Chavan, the son of former Maharashtra Chief Minister Shankar Rao Chavan, holds a unique place in the state’s political history. The Chavans became the first father-son duo to hold the position of Chief Minister in Maharashtra’s history. Hailing from Nanded, they have also served as Members of Parliament and held key positions within the Maharashtra Congress Committee. Ashok Chavan’s political journey reflects both his family’s legacy and his personal contributions to Maharashtra’s governance.

Ashok Chavan Asserts: No Grievances Held, No Party Affiliation Yet

Ashok Chavan clarified, “I have no grievances against anyone. Until now, I have not affiliated myself with any party. Just yesterday evening, my community was expelled from the party. I have not communicated with any Congress member. I have not engaged in any discussions with any party. The decision to leave the party is mine. I have not lodged any complaints against anyone.”

Ashok Chavan changed his bio on X on 12 February. The tagline photo of 'Judega Bharat-Jiteega India' and details related to Congress have been removed. Only former Chief Minister of Maharashtra is written.

Reactions to Chavan’s Departure from Congress

Prithviraj Chavan: This is a regrettable decision. Discussions have been ongoing for a long time. We did not anticipate this decision. He has been Chief Minister twice. What went wrong, he was unhappy with? He will tell you about it. All members of the Congress Legislative Party are together. BJP leaders are spreading rumors that some people are in touch with them.

Jairam Ramesh: This reflects a particular type of ‘washing machine’ effect. Some people should not live in delusions that Congress will break because of them. Congress has given them much more than they deserve. Thousands of youths are knocking at the doors and because of these leaders, they cannot get an opportunity.

Sanjay Raut: I cannot believe that Ashok Chavan has become a member of the BJP. We were together until yesterday and were discussing… Today, he has left. Will Chavan, like Eknaath Shinde and Ajit Pawar, now claim against Congress? Anything can happen in our country!

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