Shaktipeeth Parikrama Mahotsav: Legislators from BJP & Congress to Visit Ambaji for Darshan on Feb 15

Currently, Ambaji is witnessing the fervent celebration of the Parikrama Mahotsav and Navamo Patotsav, which have been ongoing for five days. Devotees from both within the country and abroad are flocking to Ambaji and Gabbar for pilgrimage. On February 15th, all members of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Congress party will visit Ambaji to seek the blessings. The event is organized under the leadership of Shankar Chaudhary, the president of the legislative assembly. Arrangements have been made for four Volvo buses for the legislators. Due to the legislators’ visit to Ambaji for darshan, the session will be adjourned on February 15th.

Over 2.10 Lakh People Converge on First Day of Ambaji Gabbar's 51 Shaktipeeth Parikrama Mahotsav

Over 2.10 Lakh People Converge on First Day of Ambaji Gabbar’s 51 Shaktipeeth Parikrama Mahotsav

On the second day of the Parikrama Mahotsav of Ambaji Gabbar’s 51 Shaktipeeth, a staggering number of devotees, exceeding 2.10 lakh, availed themselves of the divine darshan on the first day of the event. A significant number of devout followers continue to participate in the ongoing pilgrimage, marking the second day of the five-day-long Mahotsav.

Today, the itinerary includes the Chamar Yatra and the Paduka Yatra, anticipated to draw participation from a substantial congregation of devotees. Moreover, on the 15th of February 2024, all state legislators are scheduled to visit Ambaji for darshan, for which arrangements of four Volvo buses have been made to facilitate their journey.

Singer Santvani Trivedi's Garba Performance Enthralls Crowds at Ambaji's 51 Shaktipeeth Parikrama Mahotsav Cultural Program

Singer Santvani Trivedi’s Garba Performance Enthralls Crowds at Ambaji’s 51 Shaktipeeth Parikrama Mahotsav Cultural Program

Last night, at Ambaji’s Old College premises, as part of the cultural program organized during the 51 Shaktipeeth Parikrama Mahotsav, renowned singer Santvani Trivedi delivered a mesmerizing performance. Santvani Trivedi’s rendition of traditional songs and Garba created a delightful ambiance, captivating the audience who enthusiastically joined in the Garba beats. The Parikrama path around Gabbar is adorned with colorful lights, enhancing the festive atmosphere.

Free Bus Services Available Across 5 Districts for Ambaji Gabbar's 51 Shaktipeeth Parikrama Mahotsav

Free Bus Services Available Across 5 Districts for Ambaji Gabbar’s 51 Shaktipeeth Parikrama Mahotsav

During the five-day festivities of the 51 Shaktipeeth Parikrama Mahotsav at Ambaji Gabbar, separate events are organized daily. The Anand Garba Mandal orchestrates uninterrupted Garba melodies as part of the Parikrama Mahotsav celebrations. From Banaskantha district and across 5 districts, 750 buses are provided free of cost to facilitate devotees’ participation in the Parikrama Mahotsav. 

These complimentary bus services, along with free meals, healthcare, refreshments, and cultural programs, attract a significant number of devotees to this grand event. Along the Parikrama path, various Shakti Yagyas are conducted daily in separate enclosures, adding to the spiritual fervor of the occasion.

Glimmer of lights on Gabbar Dungar

Radiant Illumination Adorns Gabbar Hill

In this episode, the path of the revered 51 Shaktipeeth Parikrama, adorned with the 51 Shaktipeeth temples along with the Ambaji Temple, gleams with colorful illumination. The Gabbar Hill witnessed the grand ritual of Maa Ambaji’s Maha-Aarti. Travelers rejoiced in the sight of the splendid and marvelous illumination, enhancing the joyous ambiance.

Spectacular Arrangements in Ambaji

Spectacular Arrangements in Ambaji

Ambaji Temple, bedecked with vibrant lights, stands adorned in colorful illumination. The temple premises, along with its spires, are illuminated with a kaleidoscope of colors. Furthermore, the Parikrama path around Gabbar Hill is also embellished with radiant lights. The main gate of Gabbar, the Shaktidwar of Ambaji Temple, Gabbar Circle, and the circle of 51 Shaktipeeths gleam vibrantly with colorful lights. Ambaji witnesses the ongoing Parikrama Mahotsav adorned with beautiful events and festivities.

Daily Evening Maha-Aarti at the Foot of Gabbar

Daily Evening Maha-Aarti at the Foot of Gabbar

Every evening, beneath the foot of Gabbar Hill, devotees of the ongoing Parikrama Mahotsav are treated to the magnificent spectacle of Maa Ambaji’s Maha-Aarti. Visitors, in significant numbers, cherish the opportunity to witness the awe-inspiring sights, experiencing profound joy and spiritual connection. Additionally, at Gabbar Talleti, the ‘Light and Sound Show’ featured Maa Ambaji’s Maha-Aarti, with numerous devotees participating by holding lamps in their hands. The divine Aarti of Maa Jagat Janani Amba, accompanied by the resonating chants of ‘Bol Mari Amba Jay Jay Amba’, evoked a sense of gratitude and bliss among all present.

Magnificent and Stunning Illumination

Since its inception today, the 51 Shaktipeeth Parikrama Mahotsav at Gabbar has brought forth a dazzling display of magnificent and stunning illumination on Ambaji Gabbar. The Gabbar mountain is adorned with extraordinary brilliance, accentuating its grandeur. Additionally, from Ambaji Gabbar Circle to the road leading up to Gabbar, lighting installations embellish both sides of the route. The Ambaji Temple, too, is adorned with beautiful lighting arrangements, enhancing its splendor.

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