AMC Halts Paldi Underpass Because of Traffic Issue: CM Inaugurated Yesterday

Under the supervision of Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel, a self-made underpass worth Rs. 82 crore was inaugurated on March 4 near Jalaran Temple in Paldi area of Ahmedabad. However, due to the lack of organization in the municipal corporation’s salary distribution for officials, the public has not yet been allowed to use it. Four roads lead out from the underpass towards Paldi, where traffic is expected in the future, prompting municipal corporation officials to make design changes. Now, due to the need to construct a circle according to the new design, citizens will have to wait for another 15 days.

Design changes expected

According to municipal corporation officials, the construction work of the underpass near Jalaram Temple in Paldi has been completed. Since the underpass does not create traffic issues while exiting towards Paldi, design changes are expected. Two mobile towers in Paldi, one of which has been removed, will be removed within two days. After that, a new design will be made to create a circle.

No pending work of any kind

It has been announced by the Metro Rail project that all work related to the underpass has been completed. There is no pending work of any kind. If there is any discussion about constructing a road in the underpass, there is currently no need for it. Therefore, all types of work have been completed by the Metro Rail project. Whether to start or stop the underpass operation is under the responsibility of the municipal corporation.

Citizens will have to wait to use the underpass

Controversy arose as soon as the underpass in Paldi was built. When the project was put in place to build the underpass, local authorities and people opposed the closure of the road for the underpass. This also led to controversy over who would build the underpass between the Railway Department and the Municipal Corporation system. Due to this, the work of the underpass could not be completed for five years. Now that the underpass has been built and is ready, it will take another 10 days to create a circle near the underpass according to the new design. Due to the negligence of the Municipal Corporation’s Project Department and Engineering Department, citizens will not be able to start using the underpass yet.

Social media post on X

The Municipal Corporation system and BJP leaders have enthusiastically inaugurated the underpass in front of Chief Minister, but since the underpass is not yet operational, and the corporation and politicians continue to face public anger, the Municipal Corporation of Ahmedabad has posted on social media X that the underpass was inaugurated by Chief Minister Dhirubhai Shah’s hands, but the underpass is currently closed.

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