Beware: 4 People Scammed for ₹3 Lakhs in Vadodara Holiday Package, Alleged Fraud by Park Priviera Company Representatives

The directors of the Park Priviera company in Vadodara and their accomplices are facing allegations of fraudulent practices related to a holiday tour package. The complaint states that despite receiving 3.01 lakh rupees from a total of 4 individuals, including women residing on Harini Road in Vadodara city, for a holiday package, the tour was not organized. Consequently, a complaint has been lodged by the women against four individuals associated with the Park Priviera company.

Seminar Arrangement for Tour Package

Chetnaben Dineshbhai Bhavsar, residing near Mira Char Rasta in Vadodara city, registered a complaint at the Harini Police Station stating that, in 2022, her husband Dinesh had received a phone call regarding a holiday package from Park Priviera Hospitalities Pvt. Ltd. The company had organized a seminar at Hotel Sayaji in Sajjapura Extension, where they offered a membership of 5 years and a plan of 35 nights. The membership fee for a couple and a child was stated to be 1,25,000 rupees, including tours within and outside India along with accommodation in hotels.

Payment Made, But Tour Arrangement Neglected

Chetnaben and her husband visited Sayaji Hotel around 8 PM that night. Upon inquiry, they learned that Rahul Gupta manages the company’s operations. Senior Nishith Srivastava presented various schemes of the company and offered a membership of 1,25,000 rupees for 5 years. They also discussed domestic and international tours along with breakfast and accommodation in hotels. However, after making the payment of 1,25,000 rupees to Park Priviera’s account, they did not receive any confirmation. The receipt was provided by Shashank Sharma, and despite repeated attempts to contact them, they did not provide any satisfactory response regarding the arrangements for a tour outside India.

No Booking Made for Two Years

During the last two years, Chetnaben and her husband occasionally met at their Vadodara office. However, despite their inquiries, no booking was made, and they faced indifference. Chetnaben paid 1.30 lakh rupees, Vimalbhai Krishna paid 24,000 rupees, Varunbhai Doshi paid 22,500 rupees to Park Priviera Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. In this regard, Chetnaben, Nishith Srivastava, Puja Maturkar, and Shashank Sharma have filed a complaint at the Harini Police Station.

Niyati Rao

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