Tata Group Acquires Ching’s – Noodle Giant Sealed in Rs 5100 Crore Deal, Expanding Portfolio to Include Soups and Chutneys

Tata Consumer Products has acquired a 100% stake in Capital Foods, the company that sells Ching’s noodles. The deal is valued at INR 5,100 crores. Tata Consumer made this announcement in an exchange filing on Friday, January 12.

Capital Foods sells food products under two brands – Ching’s Secret and Smith & Jones. Under the Ching’s Secret brand, the company sells noodles, Schezwan chutney, flavored instant noodles, and chili vinegar. At the same time, under the Smith & Jones brand, it sells products like garlic paste, pasta masala, peri-peri masala, soy vadi nutri masala, paneer masala, and shahi paneer masala.

Tata Consumer Products Eyeing Acquisition of Organic India

Tata Consumer Products can also venture into the organic and herbal health products sector with the acquisition of ‘Organic India.’ According to reports from Moneycontrol, discussions between the two companies for this deal have been ongoing. Tata Consumer Products is reportedly considering acquiring Organic India for an estimated value of INR 1,800 crores. Organic India is known for its wide range of organic and herbal health products, including Chyawanprash, herbal supplements, main and packaged food, and personal care products.

Organic India holds a 64% share in the organic segment of the Indian market, collaborating with numerous small-scale farmers in close proximity. Apart from its organic produce, Organic India manufactures and markets products such as Chana infusion, herbal supplements, packaged food, and personal care items.

Tata Consumer Products Shares Reach 52-Week High at INR 1,161.75

Tata Consumer Products shares have surged to a 52-week high, reaching INR 1,161.75 per share. Over the past year, the company’s shares have witnessed a significant increase, rising by more than 48%.

Tata’s portfolio includes tea, coffee, beverages, and food products. The company has a diverse range of offerings, and it also holds ownership in Tata Coffee, a UK-based tea company. Additionally, Tata Consumer Products has a joint venture with Starbucks.

The current market capitalization of Tata Consumer Products stands at ₹1.08 lakh crores.

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