Footwear to be Made with ‘Bha’ Code for Indians: Now Boots Will Fit Indian Sizes, Ensuring Proper Fitting

Footwear available in India often comes in American or European sizes, which may not perfectly fit the feet of Indian consumers. While Indian feet tend to be wider, companies manufacture shoes and sandals based on the length and width measurements of American or European feet. Now, this system is undergoing a change.

Indian standards are being developed for footwear production. Starting from the upcoming years, around 2025, companies will manufacture footwear specifically for Indians. To signify this change, a code “Bha”, meaning India, has been introduced, awaiting approval from the Bureau of Indian Standards.

Survey Conducted on Indian Foot Sizes

The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and the Central Leather Research Institute conducted a comprehensive survey across India.

It revealed an interesting fact: the foot size of Indian women increases until the age of 11, while for men, it continues to grow until the age of 15-16.

Footwear size

Reasons for Increasing Returns Due to Inappropriate Footwear Sizes

The most significant reason driving the trend of increasing returns due to unsuitable footwear sizes is India’s vast market. With an average of 1.5 pairs of shoes per Indian, the market is substantial. 

Approximately 50% of online purchases of footwear are returned because they don’t fit properly. In the new system, companies will need to manufacture footwear in size 8 instead of size 10 to address this issue.

Survey Conducted on Foot Sizes: Insights into Indian Foot Anatomy

A survey conducted between December 2021 and March 2022 encompassed over 1,01,880 individuals across five geographical regions to understand foot sizes and dimensions. This initiative aimed to comprehend the intricacies of foot anatomy and measurements among Indians. 

Notably, the survey employed 3D foot scanning machines for precise analysis. Results revealed that, on average, there’s an approximate 11-year age difference when Indian women’s foot sizes stabilize, compared to around 15-16 years for Indian men.

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