Customs Officials Caught in Bribery Trap at Mundra Port

Two officers, along with a civilian, were accused of accepting a bribe of Rs. 1 lakh at the Mundra port Customs department. The bribe was allegedly taken swiftly by the Preventive department’s Superintendent Shailesh Mansukh Gangadhar, and the Customs Superintendent Alok Lakshmikant Dubey, along with civilian Ramesh Gopal Gadavi, in connection with the smooth clearance of a container carrying handbags imported from abroad.

The complaint alleged that the demand for the lunch was made during a face-to-face conversation with the complainant, who refused to comply and reported the matter to the Bhuj-based ACB police station, involving the lunch-involved officials.

Today, a raid was conducted at the Mundra port involving swift action against the accused. In this operation, under the guidance of ACB’s Director H. Gohil, ACB’s in-charge PI L.S. Chaudhary was also involved. They apprehended the three accused and proceeded with further proceedings.

Niyati Rao

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