BJP’s Two Female Corporators Expelled from Party in Rajkot: Alleged Misuse of Wife’s Position by Husbands, Accommodated Beneficiaries in Housing, Corporate Position Restored

Recently, a major controversy arose in the housing scheme of Gokulnagar. It came to light that beneficiaries were allocated housing units based on favoritism, with Ward No. 5 Corporator Vajiben Goltar and Ward No. 6 Corporator Devuben Jadav’s spouses taking advantage of their positions to allocate housing units to their relatives. In response, the Municipal Commissioner formed an inquiry committee. The committee’s report revealed discrepancies, leading the BJP to issue a 48-hour notice to both corporators. Following this, both corporators have been suspended from their BJP membership for a period of six years. The BJP considers this action sufficient, as they have only suspended them from their party membership. As a result, both corporators will continue to hold their positions as corporators as usual.

The report of the inquiry committee has revealed gross irregularities in the much-discussed housing scheme. Allegations of irregularities were leveled against Ward No. 5 Corporator Vajiben Goltar and Ward No. 6 Corporator Devuben Jadav. According to BJP City President Mukesh Doshi, both corporators have been found guilty of irregularities as per the report provided by the inquiry committee. This irregularity is considered a serious offense. As per the recommendation of the high command, both female corporators have been suspended from their primary membership in the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for a period of six years. However, they will continue to hold their positions as corporators. Nevertheless, they will no longer be counted as BJP corporators from now on.

If officials are found guilty, charges will be filed against them. Standing Chairman Jaymin Thakar stated that the investigation into this matter is ongoing. Both corporators found guilty have been suspended from the BJP, but according to the rules, they cannot be removed from their corporator positions. This decision has been taken. Similarly, if during the investigation, any other officials are found to be involved, they will also face consequences. Since BJP is a party run by the people, efforts will be made to ensure justice for the people. Previously, a non-legal compromise had been reached in the matter of unauthorized water connections, filed by Manpaan through police complaint. In the future, preparations have also been made to file charges against anyone, including corporators, if found guilty.

It is noteworthy that yesterday, the husband of corporator Vajiben Goltar was seen defending himself in front of the media and trying to justify himself in a false manner. It was revealed that during the election, in order to defame the opposition and himself, his wife’s name was brought into this matter. BJP has suspended Vajiben from the membership for 6 years, as his claims have been proven false. Additionally, his involvement in the housing scheme irregularities has also been proven. Therefore, it is necessary to take strict action against both corporators in the future and lodge a police complaint for their actions.

Niyati Rao

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