Mufti Salman Azhari Faces Action under PASA: Modasa Court Grants Conditional Bail, Junagadh Collector Initiates PASA, Maulana Shifted to Vadodara

During the de-addiction program in Junagadh, Maulana Mufti Salman Azhari was transferred from Sabarmati Jail in Ahmedabad to Vadodara Central Jail today following the altercation with the Gujarat Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) after his fiery speech. The ATS team escorted Maulana Mufti Salman Azhari to Vadodara Central Jail. During this time, a large number of Maulana’s supporters gathered outside the jail. The police had to deploy a significant number of personnel outside Vadodara Central Jail to maintain order.

Conditional Bail Granted to Azhari

In the midst of uproar during a public speech in Junagadh, Maulana Salman Azhari was granted conditional bail by the court. Maulana Salman Azhari was granted bail by the court in Modasa and Samakhiali cases. After being released from Central Jail, Vadodara, on the evening of January 31, he was handed over to Vadodara Central Jail following the court’s order to execute the bail. Following the court’s order, Maulana was transferred from Sabarmati Jail to Vadodara Central Jail.

Notable Events

On January 31, a de-addiction program was organized at the Narasimha School ground in Junagadh. The organizers of this program invited Maulana Salman Azhari from Mumbai to address the gathering. During this event, Maulana Salman Azhari delivered a provocative speech, inciting unrest and creating dissatisfaction among the people. A video of this speech went viral on social media. Following this, the Junagadh B Division Police filed a complaint against the organizers of the event and Maulana. Local organizers Mohammad Yusuf Malek and Azim Odhedar were quickly summoned to take action.

Gujarat ATS Arrests Maulana from Mumbai

Based on information from Gujarat ATS, Maulana, residing in Mumbai, was swiftly apprehended and brought to Ahmedabad along with a strong police contingent, from where he was handed over to the Junagadh Crime Branch. The Junagadh Crime Branch interrogated Maulana Salmaan Azhari throughout the night and filed a case against him in court.

Appeal for Caution Against Social Media Remarks

Junagadh SP Harshad Mehta appealed to the public not to fuel any controversies regarding Maulana’s arrest and warned that legal action would be taken against anyone attempting to disturb the peace through contentious remarks on social media. To prevent any unrest, police in the district have intensified vehicle checks and patrolling. Additionally, a robust police presence was observed in the city through swift police deployments.

Complaint Filed against Azhari in Kutch

In Kutch, Azhari delivered an inflammatory speech early in the morning on January 31st, which led to filing of complaints by the organizers along with accused before the Samakhiali Police. This incident led to investigations by the Samakhiali Police against the organizers Mamadkhan Mur and Maulana Salmaan Azhari. Maulana Salmaan Azhari identifies himself as an Islamic research scholar. He has studied at Jamia Riyadhul Jannah, Al-Aman Education and Welfare Trust, and Darul Aman University. Maulana actively engages in various social and religious activities. He has a significant following on social media and also provides religious education to Islamic students. Maulana is often in the spotlight due to his inflammatory speeches, which stir up discussions.

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