Mufti Azhari Arrested for Provocative Speech in Kutch: Police Detain Mamd Khan Mur

In the village of Samakhiali in the Kachchh district, a religious event organized by the Gulshan-e Mahamadi Trust under the auspices of Neja, held on January 31, took a contentious turn. During the event, renowned Mumbai-based Mufti Salman Azhari delivered a provocative speech, leading to an outcry from the local community. Both Maulana Azhari and the teachers from the Trust were subjected to investigation by the local police, with officers present at the scene conducting inquiries amid heightened sensitivity.

Police Response and Investigation: Examining the Allegations

Deputy Superintendent of Police, Sagar Sabda, disclosed that the incident involving Mufti Azhari’s inflammatory speech prompted the authorities to file a complaint and summon other accused individuals for interrogation. The details of the event and the subject matter of the speech were scrutinized during the investigation, which saw a significant police presence, including officers from the ATS and PSI VA Patel from the Samakhiali PSI division.

Mufti Salman Azhari: A Figure of Contention

On January 31, an event titled “Vyasan Mukti” was organized in the grounds of Narasimha School in Junagadh. The organizers invited Mufti Salman Azhari from Mumbai to speak. During the event, Mufti Salman Azhari delivered a speech that incited unrest, causing emotional distress and agitation among the audience. The video of his speech went viral on social media, leading to complaints filed against the event organizers and Maulana Azhari, promptly followed by the swift intervention of local organizers Mohammed Yusuf Malek and Azim Odedra.

Who is Salman Azhari?

Mufti Salman Azhari, as depicted on social media, presents himself as an Islamic research scholar. He has studied at Jamia Riyazul Jannah, Al-Aman Education and Welfare Trust, and Darul Aman University. Maulana Azhari actively engages in various social and religious activities, with a significant following on social media, where he also provides religious education to Islamic students. However, his controversial speeches often spark discussions and debates in public forums.

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