Cricketer Caught Selling Fake Tickets Worth ₹21 Lakh: Arrested in Goa After Landing

Cricketer Rishi Arothe, along with others, involved in a multi-crore ticket scam in the state, has been apprehended by the police. Earlier, Rishi had evaded the police after being caught at Manjalpur Police Station. However, the police intensified their efforts to capture him. Rishi Arothe was distributing fake tickets worth 21 lakhs for an IND-PAK World Cup cricket match in Rajkot. Consequently, Vadodara SOG apprehended him and handed him over to Ravpura Police Station. Later, he will be handed over to Valsad Police for further proceedings. The investigation will reveal his involvement in previous crimes.

Cricketer Nabbed from Goa

SOG PI Vivek Patel disclosed that Rishi Arothe was apprehended by the SOG police yesterday upon his arrival from Goa. Manjalpur, Ravpura, and Valsad police stations have recorded numerous cheating cases exceeding one crore. Rishi Arothe has now been handed over to Ravpura Police Station. Subsequently, he will be handed over to Valsad Police. Investigations are ongoing into his past criminal activities.

Alert the Police If You’ve Been Cheated

It has been discovered that ticket applications have been filed separately in Rajkot and Ahmedabad. Therefore, cross-verification by other agencies will be required. If anyone has been cheated, they should contact the police. There will also be inquiries regarding the cheating at Salangpur Temple. The investigation will uncover where the money was invested and how it was used. Any misuse of funds will be thoroughly investigated.

Rs 75 Lakhs with Ranji Player

It has been revealed that after escaping from Manjalpur Police Station, Rishi has been involved in various matters, and several complaints have been made. This matter is currently under investigation, and various agencies in the state will also be informed about it. A Ranji player in Valsad has also been involved in cheating worth 75 lakhs for the Ranji Trophy. Additionally, there has been attention on the sale of fake tickets worth 21 lakhs in Rajkot.

Distribution of Fake Tickets Worth 21 Lakhs in Rajkot

It has been disclosed that the distribution of fake tickets for the India-Pakistan World Cup match held in Ahmedabad was carried out in Rajkot. Approximately 21 lakhs worth of fake tickets were distributed. The police have begun an investigation into where the funds, amounting to crores, came from. Rishi’s father’s role in this matter is not yet clear. An event company in Goa has organized the event and rented a house in Goa under its own name.

Rishi Resides in Various States

After leaving Vadodara, Rishi resided in Bangalore, Aurangabad, Bhopal, and was later detained in Goa. Rishi Arothe’s father, Tushar Arothe, is currently under investigation as a coach for the Baroda Cricket Association and has also been involved in cricket. No other cricketers have come forward in this matter. All investigations are underway. Funds were seized earlier, and allegations were made against his father for misusing the funds provided by him. Investigations are underway from Vadodara to Valsad.

What Was Said about the Cheating

It is noteworthy that Ranji cricketer Rishi Arothe was apprehended by Vadodara SOG Police from a hotel in Mumbai earlier. Rishi Arothe’s father and former coach of the Indian Women’s Cricket Team, Tushar Arothe, and the police had seized 1.39 crore rupees from his house 11 days before the police arrested him, along with 3 other accused. At that time, Rishi had fled. In addition to this, a businessman had filed a complaint against him in Goa for cheating in a project and paying 5.27 lakhs to young cricketers from Panchmahal to play in the IPL. The police, while recording the complaint of cheating, tracked Rishi and apprehended him from a hotel in Mumbai belonging to Thane. There, the police have started a new investigation against Rishi.

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