Gadar 2’s Success Sparks Hope for Gadar 3 as Utkarsh Sharma Teases Fans!

Utkarsh Sharma on Gadar 3 : After Gadar 2 became a hit, now the prospects of Gadar 3 are starting to come and what Utkarsh Sharma himself has said about the film will make Sunny Deol fans very happy.

Gadar 2 Box Office Collection: Sunny Deol has done a great job. Gadar 2 was released and became a success that no one expected. Everyone expected that the film would be a hit and people would love it, but no one knew that it would create such a bang as soon as it was released. Not only the team of Gadar 2 is happy with the film becoming a hit, but the happiness of Sunny’s fans knows no bounds and now it’s double time for them to be happy as after Gadar 2 the talk of Gadar 3 has started.

Will Gadar 3 Have a Chance?

After Gadar 2, there is a buzz about Gadar 3. So questions are being asked about this from the star cast of the film. Utkarsh Sharma, seen in the role of Jeete in the film, spoke openly on the possibility of Gadar 3 and from what he said, the possibility of making Gadar 3 cannot be ruled out. In an interview he said that he has no idea when the film will be made, but the writer has suggested an idea and Gadar 3 could be a story of grandfather, father and grandson. He revealed that the writer also has a story about him. That is, if Gadar 3 is made, Sunny can be seen in the character of Dada.

How Much Has Gadar 2 Earned So Far?

Talking about the box office collection of Gadar 2, Sunny has hammered the opening date itself by earning a huge amount. The film earned 40 crores on the first day itself. The film collected 43 crore rupees on the next day. That is, in two days the film has collected 83 crores and on the third day the figure has crossed 130 crores.

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