Dream11 Replaces BYJU’S as the New Lead Sponsor for the Indian Cricket Team

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has made an official announcement stating that Dream11, a renowned fantasy gaming platform, will take over as the lead sponsor of the Indian cricket team for the next three years. This development comes as a result of Ed-Tech company Byju’s decision to step down as the lead sponsor at the end of the previous financial cycle. The BCCI had initiated a closed bidding process to identify potential sponsors, and Dream11 emerged as one of the prominent contenders throughout the selection process. The exact financial details of the sponsorship deal have not been disclosed by either party involved.

BCCI President Roger Binny expressed his congratulations to Dream11 and extended a warm welcome to them as the new lead sponsor of the Indian cricket team. Binny acknowledged the growth and success of the BCCI-Dream11 partnership, which has evolved from Dream11 being the official sponsor to now taking on the prestigious role of the lead sponsor. He highlighted that this progression is a clear indication of the trust, value, potential, and growth that Indian cricket embodies.

Binny emphasized that as the BCCI prepares to host the ICC World Cup later in the year, enhancing the fan experience remains a top priority. He expressed confidence that the partnership with Dream11 will contribute significantly to elevating fan engagement and delivering an enriched experience for cricket enthusiasts. Binny’s statement highlights the BCCI’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, aiming to provide fans with unforgettable moments during major cricket events.

Starting with the upcoming Test series against the West Indies, Dream11’s logo will be prominently displayed on the jerseys of the Indian cricket team. This marks the beginning of Dream11’s association with Team India in the ICC World Test Championship for the 2023-2025 cycle. The inclusion of Dream11’s logo on the jerseys reinforces the company’s strong presence and its commitment to supporting Indian cricket at the highest level. The partnership between Dream11 and Team India further enhances the brand’s visibility and solidifies its role as a key sponsor in the cricketing landscape.

In the case of principal jersey sponsors, the financial contribution for bilateral fixtures, where the sponsor’s name is placed in the middle of the shirt, is reportedly three times higher compared to ICC fixtures. The higher payment for bilateral fixtures reflects the increased visibility and prominence given to the sponsor’s name on the jersey. In bilateral fixtures, the sponsor’s logo occupies a central position, allowing for greater brand exposure during the match. On the other hand, in ICC fixtures, where the center of the jersey typically features the country name, the sponsor’s logo does not receive a vantage positioning. This difference in payment structure between bilateral and ICC fixtures is a reflection of the varying levels of brand visibility and recognition provided to the sponsor during different types of matches.

Harsh Jain, the Co-Founder & CEO of Dream Sports, expressed his excitement about the strengthened partnership between Dream11 and the BCCI. Jain highlighted the long-standing association between Dream11 and the BCCI, emphasizing their shared passion for cricket. He expressed pride and privilege in becoming the lead sponsor for the Indian national cricket team, recognizing the immense fan base and the love for cricket that exists among billions of Indian fans.

Jain further stated that Dream11 is committed to supporting the Indian sports ecosystem and looks forward to continuing their contributions in this regard. This statement underlines Dream11’s dedication to promoting and nurturing sports in India beyond their role as a sponsor, showcasing their commitment to the development and growth of the sporting landscape in the country.

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