Maneka Gandhi Accuses ISKCON of Cow Sales to Butchers; ISKCON Responds with Denial

A video of former Central Minister and BJP MP Menaka Gandhi has gone viral on social media. In the video, she alleges that the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) is selling cows from their shelter to butchers. ISKCON, currently the largest cow protection organization in India, has established shelters and receives various government benefits for maintaining cows.

Menaka Gandhi claims that they have extensive land holdings, and cows that do not provide milk are given to butchers. She made these allegations during an interview with a YouTuber.

Menaka Gandhi’s Accusations

Menaka Gandhi stated that during her visit to an ISKCON shelter in Andhra Pradesh, she found that cows there were not providing milk and yet were being sold to butchers. She emphasized that even one old (non-milking) cow or calf is not found in their shelters. She expressed concern over ISKCON selling cows to butchers while chanting ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’ in their prayers. She believes that her entire life depends on milk, and if these people can do this, then we should have no expectations from others.

ISKCON Responds – Allegations Are False

ISKCON has refuted Menaka Gandhi’s allegations, stating that her accusations are false and baseless. Yudhishthir Govinda Das, a spokesperson for ISKCON, said that Menaka Gandhi has made false and misleading claims about ISKCON’s cow shelters. ISKCON operates more than 60 cow shelters in India, where all cows, bulls, and oxen are cared for with love and devotion. Many of these shelters house cows and bulls that are elderly or sick, and ISKCON’s dedicated team of volunteers and workers provide for their well-being. The organization is committed to the lifelong care and protection of cows and is recognized worldwide for its efforts in cow conservation and care.

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