2-Year-Old Falls from Gallery in Junagadh, Rushed to Rajkot for Treatment

In Junagadh, a two-year-old child fell from the balcony of a house in the Gokul Nagar Society while playing. This incident was captured on CCTV. The family of the child, upon learning of the incident, immediately rushed him to Junagadh Hospital for further care, and later transferred him to Rajkot’s private hospital.

Child Falls Under the Gaze of Anxious Eyes

In the Gokul Nagar Society of Junagadh city, a two-year-old child fell from the balcony of the first floor while playing in the gallery. The incident was captured on CCTV. It can be observed that when family members were inside the house, the child fell under their anxious eyes. Upon hearing the child’s fall, family members rushed to the scene. Seeing the child fall from the house, the mother becomes anxious.

Rushed to Rajkot for Treatment

Following the incident, the family immediately rushed the child to Rajkot’s private hospital for immediate treatment. When the doctors realized the child needed more care, he was shifted from Junagadh to Rajkot’s private hospital. While the child’s treatment is ongoing, efforts are being made to improve his current condition.

Similar Incidents in Surat

A few months ago, a tragic incident occurred in Saurinayak Society of Surat. While the mother was cooking in the kitchen, a two-year-old child fell from the balcony of the fourth-floor apartment. Amidst this, when the child fell from the fourth floor, serious injuries were sustained. The child was found lying unconscious, causing panic among family members. Upon reaching the hospital, it was declared that the child had succumbed to the injuries. Later, a girl was born in the family, but due to the trauma of losing one child, the family faced emotional turmoil.

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