India’s 9th Forensic Science College Inaugurated by Home Minister Amit Shah in Jetalpur, Ahmedabad

The central Home Minister Amit Shah inaugurated the new departments of Forensic Sciences and Cyber Security at the NarNarayan Shastri Institute of Technology College in Jetalpur village, Daskroi taluka of Ahmedabad district. This college is the only recognized college in the state by the National Forensic Sciences University, where students can receive education in forensic sciences and cyber security. Amit Shah announced that the country’s 9th Forensic Sciences College has been initiated in Jetalpur village, which is blessed by Lord Swaminarayan.

Establishment of Educational Hub in Jetalpur

During discussions about Jetalpur village, the Home Minister Amit Shah mentioned that Jetalpur village is a blessed village of Lord Swaminarayan. Lord Swaminarayan has visited this village many times. This village holds numerous memories for me. Through this tradition, various activities have been carried out for the welfare of the world, strengthening families, and promoting Indian culture. The Swaminarayan tradition has contributed significantly to education by establishing Gurukuls in many places. Jetalpur has also become an educational hub as forensic science studies have begun here to provide modern education.

Prospects of Research and Innovation

Gujarat’s former Chief Minister Narendra Modi established the Gujarat Forensic Sciences University and elevated it to a national level university when he became the Prime Minister. The university was granted national status by the National Forensic Sciences University (NFSU). Forensic science’s 9th college in the country has begun under Jetalpur’s name. This university will become like a banyan tree on its upcoming days, where various research, innovation, and technology-related works will be done, which will be noted globally. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made significant changes in the law by initiating the Indian Penal Code. Forensic science will play a significant role in the new laws, and approximately 30,000 youth are expected to study forensic science annually from 2025 and provide services in the country and abroad, including the significant contribution of the Jetalpur Forensic Science Institute. This institute will follow the new education policy, as added by Amit Shah.

Commencement of New Programs with Special Accreditation

The NarNarayan Shastri Institute of Technology, managed by the Jetalpur Shri Swaminarayan Gurukul, has received special accreditation to start new programs related to forensic and cyber security subjects by the National Forensic Sciences University (NFSU) in the academic year 2023-24. Mahant Shastri Atmaprakashdas Swami, Mahant Shastri Purushottamprakashdas Swami, Babu Jamna Patel, Vice Chancellor Dr. J.M. Vyas of NFSU, the college principal, cooperative leader Bipin Patel, political leader Harshadgiri Goswami, and a large number of devotees and youth were present during the event.

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