Vipul Chaudhary Apologizes to Patidars

In a program organized by the Arbudha Seva Samiti on March 10, Vipul Chaudhary stirred controversy with a request made on behalf of the Patidar community. Chaudhary stated that bitter divisions exist within the Patidar-Leuva Patidar society, where everyone has turned into businessmen, accumulating vast wealth, with no one willing to contribute to educational institutions or serve as active participants. He emphasized the diminishing importance of service compared to money, which angered members of the Patidar community. However, six days after this statement, Vipul Chaudhary attempted to calm the situation by seeking forgiveness from the Patidar community and striving for a resolution to the dispute.

Outrage Erupts Over Patidar Community’s Appeal

The incident took place on March 10 at the Arbudha Bhavan in Mahesana during a meeting organized by the Arbudha Seva Samiti, where Vipul Chaudhary’s appeal on behalf of the Patidars led to controversy. Chaudhary highlighted the prevalence of a business-oriented mindset within the Patidar community, causing resentment among its members. Following the Patidar community’s appeal, Jashubhai Patel, the head of the 84 Kadva Patidar Samaj, immediately responded, expressing dissatisfaction with Chaudhary’s statements. He stressed the need to differentiate between institutions like Ganpati Vidyalaya, which are functioning properly, and others that are not. He advocated for equal education and cultural values across all institutions. He further criticized the trend of only affluent individuals becoming trustees, calling it unjust.

Efforts Made to Clarify Misunderstandings and Resolve Dispute

During an event in Manasa, Gandhinagar today, Vipul Chaudhary attempted to address the controversy that arose six days ago over his statement, expressing his willingness to mend misunderstandings. He stressed that without the societal foundation, progress cannot be achieved solely through material wealth. He called for the Patidar community to focus on societal development, emphasizing the importance of values, traditions, and social responsibility. Chaudhary expressed regret over any misinterpretations and urged for a collective effort to prepare for future challenges. He underscored the necessity to halt commercialization within the community, considering it the biggest hurdle to societal progress.

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