Graves Damaged in Ahmedabad’s Pirana Dargah: Massive Public Outcry Quieted by Police Intervention

Nearby the city of Ahmedabad, an incident of breaking several graves in the Dargah of Imamshah Baba has come to light in the village of Pirana. This morning, a large number of villagers gathered at the Dargah witnessing the event. The rural district police, along with SOG and LCB, immediately reached Pirana to investigate the matter. The police have initiated an investigation into the incident of grave-breaking. They have informed the villagers about the situation and assured them of a thorough investigation into the matter.

Police Conduct Investigation at the Scene

According to sources, the Dargah of Imamshah Baba is situated in the village of Pirana. This Dargah and its trustees have been involved in several controversies in the past. Today morning, a considerable number of Muslim villagers and locals gathered at the Dargah upon learning about the incident of grave-breaking. The police, taking the matter seriously, arrived promptly at Pirana with SOG, LCB, and district police personnel to investigate the graves being broken at the Dargah of Imamshah Baba.

No Responsible Person Will Be Spared

DSP Om Prakash of Ahmedabad district informed Divya Bhaskar that we are investigating the matter after learning about the incident. No responsible person will be spared. We are currently conducting a detailed investigation.

Police Explain by Patrolling

It has been learned from sources that the graves were broken last night. After this incident, it has also been found out that graves are being rebuilt in the morning on an urgent basis. The police are present to oversee the construction of new graves. Currently, the police are investigating the entire matter seriously. They are patrolling Pirana to gather people and explain the situation, ensuring that undesirable incidents do not occur again.

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