Mumbai’s Iconic ‘Premier Padmini’ Taxis Cease Operation, Seek Museum Preservation

Starting from Monday, the iconic ‘Premier Padmini’ taxis that have been a recognizable symbol of Mumbai, commonly known as “kaali-peeli,” will cease to operate. These taxis were known for their distinctive black and yellow colors. After the introduction of new models and app-based cab services, the ‘kaali-peeli’ taxis will no longer be seen on the streets of Mumbai.

Last of the ‘Premier Padmini’

RTO authorities have revealed that the last ‘Premier Padmini’ taxi was registered on October 29, 2003, under the RTO jurisdiction. Due to a 20-year age limit on operating cabs in the city, the ‘Premier Padmini’ taxis will no longer be operational in Mumbai, starting from Monday. The owner of Mumbai’s last registered ‘Premier Padmini’ taxi, bearing the registration number MH-01-JA-2556, Prabhadevi, has expressed deep pride in this legacy.

Emotional Connections of the People 

It’s a time when some are requesting that at least one ‘Premier Padmini’ be preserved on the streets or in a museum.

Residents of Parel and art enthusiast Pradeep Palwe explained that these robust taxis are not just vehicles but have been a part of the city’s history and have forged emotional connections with many generations.Mumbai Taxi Unions General Secretary A.L. Quadros recalled that these Premier Padmini taxis started their journey in 1964 with the ‘Fiat-1100 Delite’ model.

Taxi Union’s Application 

A few years ago, the Mumbai Taxi Men’s Union, the city’s largest taxi drivers’ union, had submitted an application to save at least one ‘kaali-peeli’ taxi. However, the application was not successful.

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