Gopalanand Swami Yatrik Bhavan: A ₹150+ Crore Hi-Tech 1000 Rooms Guest House Nears Completion in Salangpur

In the famous pilgrimage destination of Salangpur Dham, a modern high-tech guest house named “Gopalnand Swami Yatrik Bhavan” is currently under construction after the unveiling of the 54-foot-tall statue of the King of Salangpur, Lord Hanuman. This guest house, with an estimated cost exceeding 150 crores INR, is expected to house more than 1000 rooms with state-of-the-art facilities.

Gopalnand Swami Yatrik Bhavan aims to provide accommodation for thousands of visitors who come to Salangpur Dham for religious purposes. The 20-acre land allotted for this guest house will be utilized to create a magnificent and grand facility where approximately 4,000 guests can comfortably reside.

The use of modern technology in the construction of this guest house reflects the dedication to providing a luxurious and comfortable experience to pilgrims and tourists visiting the Salangpur Dham. Once completed, this grand guest house is expected to cater to the growing number of visitors and provide them with a comfortable and modern place to stay during their visit to the temple and the surrounding area.

In the Salangpur Dham area, this high-tech guesthouse, called “Gopalnand Swami Yatrik Bhavan,” is a grand structure spanning over 1,80,000 square feet. It features a total of 18 elevators, 4 elevators, and 2-meter-wide passageways. Each floor of the building will have a total of 96 rooms in various sizes, including 40 suites, along with servant rooms. Additionally, there will be a waiting area on each floor, capable of accommodating more than 100 people comfortably.

This guest house will be divided into four earthquake-resistant zones, ensuring the safety of the guests in the event of a calamity. Moreover, the entire building will be constructed using high-tech technology, making it a state-of-the-art facility.

Parking facilities will also be provided, with 500 vehicles being accommodated inside the building and an additional 600 vehicles outside, resulting in a total parking capacity of 1100 vehicles. This will ensure that the guests have a comfortable and convenient experience during their stay at the guest house.

In the 160-foot tall building, there will be a reception area featuring an inquiry office and a waiting lounge. This spacious reception area will have the capacity to accommodate 400-500 people simultaneously. Additionally, on each floor, waiting areas will be constructed, where 100 people can comfortably relax. Moreover, each floor will have 6 individual restrooms with common toilet and bath facilities.

Within the building’s center, there will be a state-of-the-art control room spanning 40,000 square feet, which will allow for monitoring the main entrance through screens and high-tech equipment. Furthermore, adjacent to the control room, there will be facilities such as conference rooms and management offices. This modern infrastructure will provide guests with a comfortable and high-tech experience during their stay.

The new guesthouse being constructed near the Salangpur Kashtabhanjan Hanuman Temple is unique in that it will have a single building with over a thousand rooms. What sets it apart is that each room will feature a view of the temple, a dining area, and a beautiful pond. Furthermore, all the rooms are designed to be well-ventilated. This modern and high-tech guesthouse, resembling a royal palace, has been designed to offer a distinctive experience. The information was provided by Shastri Hariprakash Swami.

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