Shaktisinh Gohil: Bharatiya Janata Party Receives 410 Crore Donation from Quick Supply Chain’s 109 Crore Profit

The Election Commission published information on electoral bonds on its website on March 14. Following the Supreme Court’s order, the SBI had provided this information to the Election Commission on March 13. Regarding this, Gujarat Pradesh Congress chief Shaktisinh Gohil had released a video accusing the BJP of corruption, explaining how the entire game was played.

Shaktisinh Gohil revealed that the BJP government had devised the electoral bond scheme in 2017 and implemented it from 2018 to provide the government with funds from its treasury to fight corruption fearlessly, to bring transparency, and to avoid any repercussions or anyone being informed. Electoral bonds could be purchased from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 100 crore, with unlimited purchases, and these bonds could be bought from banks and donated to political parties anonymously, keeping all information confidential. I am grateful to the Supreme Court bench for its constitutional judgment. The bench of five judges stated that this should not happen. It was explained that whoever benefits from this game in power and takes money, it should not work like this. The Supreme Court directed the State Bank of India to provide all data to the Election Commission and to put it on the website.

BJP Receives 95% of Funds from Electoral Bonds

This data is complex. Some alarming issues have come to light upon initial investigation. Through the press media and my fellow Gujaratis, I demand to know how fearlessly the BJP indulges in corruption and how much damage it causes to the nation. Some facts I want to state to you regarding this electoral bond scheme, which has been in effect since 2019. In 2019, out of Rs. 6,000 crore worth of electoral bonds, 95% went to the BJP. The data revealed on the website shows that 1300 companies and individuals purchased these electoral bonds, contributing funds to political parties.

Megha Engineering and Infra Donates Rs. 800 Crore

How funds are raised in such circumstances, I demand to know some aspects of it. Megha Engineering and Infra donated Rs. 800 crore to the BJP. This company purchased electoral bonds worth Rs. 140 crore in April 2023, contributing funds to the BJP. Just a month later, it provided Rs. 14,400 crore for the Thane-Borivali Twin Project. Similarly, Jindal Steel and Power donated Rs. 25 crore to the BJP through electoral bonds. This donation was made on October 7, 2022, and three months later, it will contribute to the Gare Palma IV/6 coal mine, a major project of the Coal India Ltd., after giving the first installment of funds. After being raided by the ED, SEBI, and Income Tax, and after being declared red, the funds will be collected in weeks. This is how money flows through electoral bonds, giving benefits to those who appeal. I submit these entries.

Future Gaming and Hotels: The Largest Donor

The biggest entry in collecting funds. The company that was red-flagged by the IT, SEBI, and Income Tax is Shiridi Sai Electronics. In December 2023, it was raided by Income Tax, and in January 2024, within a month, it had to provide Rs. 40 crore worth of electoral bonds to the BJP. Similarly, some companies were raided by the IT, Income Tax, and SEBI in the beginning of the year, and later, they had to pay off their debts through raids and electoral bonds. Future Gaming and Hotels donated Rs. 800 crore to the BJP. This company is the largest donor among all. In April 2022, this company was raided by the IT, and within just five days, on April 2, it was raided, and on April 7, it provided Rs. 100 crore worth of electoral bonds to the BJP for fundraising. Later in 2023, the Income Tax department raided the same company, and the Future Gaming and Hotels Company, in the same month, provided Rs. 65 crore worth of electoral bonds to the BJP for fundraising.

Megha Engineering and Infra Purchases Bonds Worth 25 Crores and Wins Contract

Megha Engineering and Infra has acquired bonds worth 25 crores and secured a contract. “Give me work, I’ll give you back the money with interest… Such schemes are in operation. In a pattern similar to Vedanta’s Radhikapur West private coal mine, whose coal blocks are awarded on March 3, 2021, which means, if coal blocks are awarded on March 3rd, then in April 2021, BJP receives 25 crores through electoral bonds in its fundraising. Megha Engineering and Infra had also secured a project of 4500 crores for the Jojila Tunnel project in August 2020. If a project is secured, then in October 2020, BJP receives 20 crores through electoral bonds in its fundraising. The same company will also be awarded a contract for a station for the Bullet Train by December 2022 by the BJP government, which means, in the same month, BJP receives 56 crores through electoral bonds in its fundraising.”


Company Buys Bonds Worth 410 Crores Against Total Shareholding of 130 Crores

In a situation where quick supply chain limited gives 410 crores to BJP. It raises a question, as the total share capital of Quick Supply Chain Limited is 130 crores, then how can it give a donation of 410 crores to BJP? This raises significant questions. BJP had set a limit that a company can donate as much as 10% of its profits in its fundraising through electoral bonds. BJP has removed this limit. Shell companies, which are companies set up only on paper, are involved in purchasing electoral bonds and washing black money for BJP. Here, I have given you an example of Quick Supply Chain Limited. The total shareholding of 130 crores is the company’s 410 crores donation to BJP when people of Gujarat may think what kind of corruption is going on.


“We Will Fight, We Will Keep Fighting for People’s Questions”

Another important issue is that the sale of electoral bonds started in March 2018, but until April 2019, the State Bank of India did not provide data. During this time, only 95% of the donations were given to BJP. We are asking to reveal this, we cannot hide it. Give us this data. I urge all my dear Gujaratis to think about what they were expecting, what all citizens were expecting, whoever gave their vote to BJP, they were expecting corruption-free governance. The honorable Supreme Court has exposed BJP’s corrupt faces to the public. What details have been revealed in the preliminary investigation, are in front of you. Chartered accountants, researchers, and all journalists will do investigative journalism. Truth will come out more shockingly. I urge all Gujaratis to show the Indian National Party the lesson in the elections. Whatever decision you make, we will fight. We will keep fighting for people’s questions. There is no struggle to seize power, but where something wrong happens, there I will continue to fight with honesty and integrity.

Niyati Rao

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