Firefighters Gain Control Before Blaze Engulfs Four Offices in Vadodara’s Manubhai Tower

In the Manubhai Tower complex in the Sayajigunj area of Vadodara city, a sudden fire broke out on the 7th floor, creating a chaotic atmosphere. The fire department was immediately notified, and two teams of firefighters managed to gain control over the fire after heavy efforts. If the fire equipment had been operational in the building, it wouldn’t have taken much time. The fire department had successfully controlled the blaze before it could escalate into a major disaster.

Significant Damage After Fire at Manubhai Tower

A significant fire occurred on the 7th floor of Manubhai Tower in the Sayajigunj area, affecting several offices including a benet farm private limited office and three others. Furniture, computers, files, and other equipment in the offices were completely destroyed. The presence of PVC cables in the offices contributed to the rapid spread of the fire. Once again, prompt action by the fire department prevented the situation from worsening.

Potential Casualties Averted in Morning Blaze

It’s noteworthy that Manubhai Tower, located in the Sayajigunj area, is a high-rise building, which posed a significant challenge for firefighting operations. Due to the early morning timing, there were no casualties, but if the incident had occurred during business hours, there could have been potential casualties. The fire department will conduct an assessment of fire equipment in the building to ensure preparedness for future emergencies. Currently, the building houses the local office of the Bharatiya Janata Party, raising questions about the safety standards of high-rise buildings in the city.

Rapid Response to Fire Ensures Minimal Damage

Harshvardhan, the fire officer at the Bajaria Market station, announced that a fire broke out on the 7th floor of Manubhai Tower in Sayajigunj. Two teams were dispatched immediately. The cause of the fire is currently unknown, and the room where it started has been sealed off and its contents dismantled. Utilizing modern equipment, the fire department managed to contain the fire promptly, minimizing damage.

Fire Department to Conduct Equipment Inspection

It has been reported that a fire broke out on the 7th floor, and the fire department will conduct an investigation into the fire equipment. Once completed, action will be taken accordingly. The fire on the third or fourth floor of the building caused it to be evacuated, taking approximately an hour and a half. If the fire equipment had been operational, time could have been saved. The inspection and subsequent actions will ensure better preparedness for such incidents in the future.

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