Bridge Chaos in Mehsana: Corruption Causes Collapse, Drivers Stranded; Officials Seek Expert Opinion

In Mehsana, yet another indication of increasing corruption has surfaced. A significant three-foot pothole has emerged on the Ambedkar Bridge connecting Visnagar, prompting authorities to halt vehicular traffic on the bridge from this morning. As a result, motorists are being diverted through alternate routes. Local residents have repeatedly petitioned for repairs to be conducted solely on the bridge. Officials have indicated that following expert advice, further actions will be taken. The bridge will remain closed for maintenance for the next 20 days, authorities confirm.

Police Arrange Barricades as Both Lanes of Bridge Remain Closed

In Mehsana city’s residential areas, the Ramotsana and Visnagar roads connected by the Ambedkar Bridge have encountered significant disruption. As of this morning, vehicular traffic has been halted on both lanes of the bridge due to substantial damage. In response, the police have arranged barricades and set up checkpoints to prevent vehicles from accessing the bridge. This measure has been implemented to ensure the safety of commuters until the necessary repairs are completed.

Dispute Arises Over Construction of the Bridge: Kamleshbhai Sutariya

Dispute Arises Over Construction of the Bridge: Kamleshbhai Sutariya

Local resident Kamleshbhai Sutariya has stated that the overbridge was constructed a few years ago by the Roads and Buildings Department and the Railway Infrastructure. Since the construction of the bridge, disputes have arisen regarding its structural integrity. Several times, significant damage has occurred, causing road closures. 

Complaints about the deteriorating condition of the bridge have been repeatedly lodged. Sutariya emphasizes the urgent need for comprehensive reconstruction of the bridge rather than just superficial repairs. Our demand is for the complete dismantling and reconstruction of this bridge.

Bridge Succumbs to Structural Weakness: Kamleshbhai Sutariya

Bridge Succumbs to Structural Weakness: Kamleshbhai Sutariya

Kamleshbhai Sutariya has reiterated concerns about the poor quality of the bridge, highlighting numerous complaints lodged regarding its structural integrity. Today, due to structural weaknesses, the bridge has succumbed. Heavy traffic restrictions have been imposed, leading to traffic congestion on this bridge. 

Previously, the Traffic Police and the Infrastructure Department received complaints about heavy traffic issues. This bridge is situated in close proximity to residential areas, serving as a thoroughfare for students attending schools and colleges, as well as commuters. Fortunately, no major accidents have occurred on this bridge thus far.

Expert Opinion Solicited for Bridge Repair: Marg Makan Department Official

Expert Opinion Solicited for Bridge Repair: Road Building Department Official

Regarding the matter, Road Building Department official D.R. Patel has stated that repair work was underway when the bridge was closed. At present, the identified gaps will be addressed through immediate repairs sought after consulting with experts. Following this, the entire bridge will undergo renovation. The bridge was constructed in 2014 and is currently undergoing joint inspections to evaluate its quality. 

Each identified weakness will be addressed accordingly. The central concern with the bridge is occasional flooding in its central part, resulting in water accumulation during monsoons. While previous attempts to repair with asphalt failed due to its erosion, no structural parts have been compromised. It is anticipated that expert advice will be sought for the first time to address this issue. Experts will be called in within two to four hours to proceed with the necessary measures. The bridge will remain closed for a minimum of 20 days during the repair process.

Inauguration and Naming of the Bridge

Inauguration and Naming of the Bridge

The bridge on the Ramosana Railway on the Mehsana-Visnagar Link Road was constructed in 2014 by the Road and Building Department of the Government of Gujarat. Its inauguration took place on February 10, 2014. Furthermore, on April 14, 2017, the bridge was officially named the Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Overbridge. The naming ceremony was conducted under the auspices of the former honorable Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shri Nitin Patel.

The bridge under construction on Rupen River collapsed.

Bridge Construction Mishap on the Rupen River in 2022

In April 2022, a bridge under construction over the Rupen River near Soneripura Patiya, close to Mehsana, faced a significant setback due to the company’s poor workmanship. The construction aimed to develop a six-lane bridge, but part of it collapsed before completion. Several sections of the bridge, being built over the Rupen River along the Mehsana-Unjha Highway, suffered from the company’s inadequate construction practices. 

The bridge construction project was undertaken by the Ranjit Buildcon company, located near Soneripura Patiya along the Mehsana-Unjha Highway. Unfortunately, portions of the bridge under construction collapsed, signaling a failure in the construction process. The incident also echoes similar troubles faced by a bridge constructed by Ranjit Buildcon in Ahmedabad, which also experienced structural failure.

The bridge between Nugar intersection and Bahucharaji intersection has collapsed.

Reconstruction of the Bridge near Nuger Bypass in Mehsana

Three years ago, near Nuger Chokdi on the bypass close to Mehsana city, a bridge connecting Bahucharaji Chokdi was constructed. The bridge, heavily traversed by officials during its construction phase, faced challenges due to heavy vehicular traffic during rush hours. 

Consequently, the bridge experienced strain from the increased load, prompting authorities to dismantle and reconstruct a section to ensure safety and stability. After several months of work, the reconstruction project was successfully completed, and the bridge was reopened for vehicular traffic, facilitating smoother transportation in the area.

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