Hasty Murder of a Businessman: Arrest of Infamous Gang Involved in Land Deals, Young Man Detained in Monetary Transactions

In a shocking incident near Bhagwan Mahavir Hospital, Surat, a young man was brutally murdered in the early hours of the morning while involved in a financial transaction. Prompt action was taken by the Umra Police team, swiftly moving to apprehend the suspect. Within hours, based on meticulous investigation and timely response, the police successfully apprehended all four suspects, including the prime accused. The authorities have taken custody of all suspects and initiated legal proceedings against them.

Financial Dispute Leads to Police Summons in Surat

In a neighborhood near Nanpura in Surat, Pinkesh, also known as Pintu Rameshbhai Navsariwala, was subjected to a police raid. Pinkesh is a resident of Khanderao Puram Machhivad. His brother, Divyesh Navsariwala, is involved in sand trading business along with him. Pinkesh and Akshu, also known as Avi Patel, were engaged in financial transactions, leading to a rift between them for the past six months. Recently, they had another dispute over financial matters which escalated over a phone call during the late night hours. Consequently, both Pinkesh and Akshu were summoned to meet near Bhagwan Mahavir Hospital, close to Athwa Gate, at twelve-thirty in the midnight to resolve the monetary issue.

Stabbing Incident Results in Fugitive Escaping

Stabbing Incident Results in Fugitive Escaping

When Pinkesh Navsariwala arrived at the designated spot, Akshu arrived in a car with five other friends. A heated argument erupted between Pinkesh and Akshu over financial matters, escalating into a violent altercation. In the heat of the moment, Akshu and his companions brandished a knife, stabbing Pinkesh multiple times in his abdomen, chest, and other parts of his body, inflicting a total of five wounds. Subsequently, Akshu and his associates fled the scene, leaving Pinkesh injured and requiring immediate medical attention.

Youth Fatally Wounded at the Scene, Accused Apprehended

Upon learning of the incident, a contingent of Umra Police promptly arrived at the scene. Unfortunately, due to sustained stabbing injuries, Pinkesh succumbed to death right there at the scene. The Umra Police, on the same night, swiftly mobilized to apprehend the suspects. In the course of action, the police managed to apprehend Akshu Dipak Patel, known as Hardik alias Adu Manish Gajjar, Dharmesh alias Dhamo Ramesh Patel, and Rupesh alias Balaji Kashinath. All were taken into custody pending further investigation and remand on the basis of gathered evidence.


Previous Members of Surya Marathi Gang Among Suspects

During interrogation, it was revealed that Rupesh, alias Balaji, had previous records of Arms Act offenses documented by both Chok Bazaar Police Station and Pune Police, along with the Crime Branch. Similarly, Umra Police Station had previously taken swift action against him for involvement in violent crimes, and he had served time in prison. The suspects were formerly affiliated with the Surya Marathi gang, whose dominance gradually shifted towards real estate brokerage following their disbandment.

Deceased Received 1.5 Lakh from Suspects

Deceased Received 1.5 Lakh from Suspects

Vijaysinh Gurjar disclosed that the deceased, known as Pinkesh Navsariwala, had received a sum of 1.5 lakh rupees from the suspects. This amount was part of ongoing financial transactions between the accused and the deceased. The financial dispute between the suspects and the deceased often led to heated arguments and altercations. 

On the nights of January 30th and 31st, the suspects were involved in a matrimonial event, during which Pinkesh Navsariwala, alias Pinkesh, was summoned to discuss matters in detail. During the conversation between the suspects and Pinkesh, a heated argument ensued, which, following altercations and heated discussions, resulted in the suspects using sharp weapons to fatally wound Pinkesh.

Two Suspects Also Involved

In this incident, two out of the four suspects were also implicated. During the incident, affairs at other hospitals were also disturbed for management purposes. The suspects, fearing police intervention, did not disclose the accurate information to the hospital authorities. Despite being in critical condition, their clothes were also taken away by the suspects. The recovery of these clothes is now under investigation by the police.

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