Indian Coastal Boundary: 3300 kg Drug Bust Worth 20 Billion Rupees, 5 Peddlers Nabbed in Midnight Operation in Porbandar

In a swift operation near the sea border of Veraval in Gir Somnath, the police intercepted drugs worth a staggering 350 crore rupees. The incident, which unfolded on Tuesday, saw a rapid interception of a boat near the Arabian Sea, close to the international border, after a solid tip-off. The Gujarat ATS, Navy, and NCB jointly apprehended five peddlers aboard the boat. 

Sources indicate that they will be interrogated in Porbandar upon arrival and possibly lead to uncovering hidden locations during the covert operation. This seizure marks the largest drug haul from the maritime border till date, with approximately 3300 kilograms of drugs confiscated from the Indian maritime boundary. The value of the seized drugs is estimated to be over 2000 crore rupees.

Gujarat ATS and Navy Intercepts Suspicious Iranian Boat with Over 3000 Kilograms of Drugs

According to reliable sources, a joint operation involving the Gujarat ATS and the Navy intercepted a suspicious Iranian boat in the waters surrounding Porbandar. Upon investigation, authorities discovered over 3000 kilograms of drugs onboard the vessel. The operation led to the apprehension of five individuals suspected to be involved in drug trafficking.

Massive Drug Bust by NCB and Gujarat ATS near Indian Maritime Border

Massive Drug Bust by NCB and Gujarat ATS near Indian Maritime Border

Today, in a coordinated effort between the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), Gujarat ATS, and other central agencies, over 3300 kilograms of drugs were swiftly intercepted near the Indian maritime border while heading towards Delhi. According to reliable sources, three suspects aboard an Iranian vessel were apprehended, and a substantial quantity of narcotics, including heroin and charas, was seized during the operation. 

The Gujarat international maritime border saw the influx of drugs worth billions, a crucial input shared with the central agencies. With the assistance of the Narcotics Control Bureau and Gujarat ATS, a mega operation was successfully executed. The Iranian boat found in the maritime border contained 3300 kilograms of drugs, including heroin and charas. Sources estimate the international value of these drugs to be around 20 Billion rupees. The information gathered indicates that this operation has led to one of the largest drug seizures to date.

Confidential Operation: Peddlers Safely Interrogated in Porbandar

It is reported that the five peddlers apprehended with 3000 kilograms of drugs aboard an Iranian boat were safely transported to a concealed location in Porbandar on Tuesday night by security agencies. Sources reveal that the boat, along with the drugs, was brought to Porbandar for further investigation. 

All the peddlers involved in this incident were reportedly interrogated at a secret location. It is anticipated that security agencies will hold a press conference on Wednesday to disclose further details regarding this covert operation.

Record Heroin Seizure of 350 Crore Rupees in Veraval Port

Just five days ago, a staggering 350 crore rupees worth of heroin was seized from the Veraval port. A fishing boat carrying 50 kilograms of heroin was intercepted along the maritime route, leading to the apprehension of 9 sailors. The police swiftly acted on intelligence received in the midnight hours to make the seizure. 

With an international value of 7 crore rupees per kilogram, the total worth of the 50 kilograms of heroin amounts to 350 crore rupees. Currently, a comprehensive investigation, involving ATS, Gir Somnath SOG, LCB, FSL, and Marine Police, has been launched to further delve into the matter.

A few days ago, heroin worth 350 crores was seized from Veraval

Police Conducts Mega Operation in Arabian Sea Based on Midnight Intelligence

Based on midnight intelligence, the police have conducted a mega operation in the Arabian Sea, intercepting a large consignment of illicit substances coming through the maritime route. The swift action was prompted by the findings of the FSL report, which confirmed the presence of heroin. According to sources, the information obtained has led security agencies to swiftly intercept a significant consignment of heroin, which is believed to be en route to the Veraval port from the nearby seas.

Home Minister Harsh Sanghavi Acknowledges Police Mega Operation

Gujarat’s Home Minister, Harsh Sanghavi, took to Twitter to share information regarding the police’s mega operation. He expressed his appreciation to the Gir Somnath Police for their successful execution of the operation.

Revelation by Boat Owner Unveils Entire Incident

The owner of the boat, Jitu Kuhada, disclosed details regarding the entire incident, stating that he had suspicions that his boat might be involved in the smuggling of prohibited items. Consequently, he kept a close watch on it. During the early hours of last night, when the boat arrived near Veraval Port, an unknown vehicle reached the jetty at Veraval Port, from which two individuals disembarked. 

From the boat’s side, Tandel immediately handed over something to these unknown persons, who hastily disappeared into the darkness. The individuals, whom our watchers had been tracking, followed and questioned these smugglers near the ID Chauhan School, two kilometers away from Veraval Port. They revealed that they had only come to collect an empty parcel.

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