Importance of Breathability in BJJ Rash Guards

Breathability is a key factor that one must consider when selecting the best rash guard for a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) workout. It might seem just a minor detail, but a rash guard’s ability to keep you cool and comfortable can greatly affect your mat performance. Professional fighters and even beginners must wear the right BJJ rash guards that allow temperature regulation, sweat absorption, unrestricted movements, and quick drying for an upgraded fighting experience. 

Importance Of Breathability

Fighters can enhance their performance with breathable BJJ rashguards as these are  the following benefits that come with;

  • Temperature Regulation

Due to the intense physical activity, BJJ fighters experience increased body temperature and sweating. These factors can cause discomfort for the players on the mat. Breathable rash guards also help in heat regulation, as they allow air movement through them.

The ventilation can counteract overheating by removing the body heat and keeping the fighters cool. Thus, the athletes can train longer and feel more comfortable due to the lower heat production. Through efficient body temperature regulation, the breathable rash guard lets athletes stay focused and perform at their peak levels during grueling training sessions.

  • Moisture Wicking Property

A good rash guard made from breathable fabric solves this by being moisture-wicking. For instance, materials, such as polyester blends or those with mesh panels specifically placed, are manufactured to wick sweat away from the skin surface, effectively absorbing the moisture and transferring it to the outer layer of the fabric.

Therefore, the trainers remain dry and comfortable once the activity starts, thus reducing the risks of rashes and unpleasant smells. Moisture-wicking rash guards that keep the skin dry are also used to maintain hygiene and hinder the development of bacteria. Over time, this improves the general health and well-being of our skin.

  • Facilitates Unrestricted Movements

In the BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) which is full of dynamism and speed, the practitioners should have good mobility to do the techniques easily. The breathable rash guard, fabricated out of lightweight, elastic fabric, is extremely convenient; it does not limit pressure or movement. The fabric’s elasticity makes it stretch and bend with the natural movements of a body, thus enabling the practitioner to execute techniques and transitions without the feeling of restriction from their clothing. 

Be it doing guard passes, submissions, or escapes, a breathable rash guard allows practitioners to move with agility and precision, smoothly transitioning from one position to another. Through the principle of freedom of movement, breathable rash guards enable athletes to reveal their technical skills and athleticism on the mat and thus improve their quality of training.

  • Quick Drying Fabric

It is not rare for BJJ practitioners to sweat heavily after a tough training session, and their rashguards become wet and uncomfortable. A ventilated rash guard with a quick drying feature solves the problem. Ventilated fabric quickly removes moisture from the skin’s surface, so it evaporates rapidly and completely. This leads to rapidly drying the rash guard, reducing the time spent in a damp or sweaty garment. 

The drying speed of such sportswear provides comfort during training sessions and promotes hygiene and freshness by minimizing moisture and bacteria formation on the skin. Also, the quick-drying rash guard helps practitioners practice in a clean and dry training environment, staying focused and comfortable throughout the session.

Points To Consider When Buying The Rashguards

It is always better to wear rashguards manufactured with moisture-wicking fabrics, including polyester and spandex, especially those with mesh panels in sweat-prone areas, including the back and armpits. Select the BJJ rashguards that offer a comfortable fit without restricting your movements.

Prioritize Breathability

  • Importance Of Breathability: The breathable rash-guards ensure proper air circulation and ventilation. Hence, you will not feel hot or uncomfortable.
  • Materials: Choose rash guards made with breathable fabrics like polyester blends or mesh panels to get sweaty parts to stay dry and well-ventilated.
  • Enhanced Comfort: The breathable materials maintain the body temperature and prevent overheating, allowing comfort and concentration during the workouts.

Consider Fabric Durability

  • Importance of Durability: The best rash guard can withstand the harshness of BJJ training, which includes grappling, takedowns, and mat abrasion.
  • Quality Construction: Choose reinforced rash guards with durable fabric to guarantee longevity and optimal protection.
  • Investment Value: The durability of your rash guard makes it a good investment for serious athletes.

Keep Your Focus On Fit

  • Snug yet Comfortable: Opt for rash guards that are snug enough and allow unrestricted movement.
  • Mobility: A fitted rash guard should allow the execution of techniques and transitions easily.
  • Avoid Restriction: Opt for rash guards that are not restrictive or constrictive, for they can hinder your performance and comfort during the training sessions.

Evaluate The Design

  • Personal Preference: Consider your style and preferences while selecting a rash guard design, solid colors, bold patterns, or graphic prints.
  • Functionality: Seek features that enhance functionality, such as flatlock seams for less irritation and compression panels for more support and quick muscle recovery.
  • Brand Reputation: Research well-known brands for their quality and performance in manufacturing BJJ rash guards to ensure a reliable product that will last long.

Prioritizing breathability, durability, fit, and design, you can select the right rash guard for BJJ that is tailored to your specific needs and elevates your training.


Breathability is a key factor to consider when purchasing a BJJ rash guard. While manufacturing the rash guards, it is considered to use a breathable design that cools, dries, and allows you to focus on your technique and performance instead of being distracted. Investing in a high-end rashguard with better breathability will enable you to take your workout to the next level. Therefore, relax and train well with a breathable BJJ rash guard that will nurture your growth in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ). With a breathable rash guard, fighters can enhance and showcase their skills on mats with complete focus and comfort.

Niyati Rao

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