Rajkot Duo Tops JEE Main in Gujarat: Emphasizes Continuous Hard Work and Test Practice

In the engineering branch, upon the announcement of JEE Main exam results, two students from Rajkot’s Allen Institute have secured 100 percentile, being the top scorers in Gujarat. Among them, Meet Parekh has achieved the 28th rank in All India and is now preparing for the JEE Advanced exam to pursue computer science engineering at IIT. Meanwhile, another student, Harshal Kanani, secured the 44th rank in All India and aims to study aerospace engineering at IIT in the future. Additionally, Dwija Patel from Saurashtra, ranking 58th in All India in the girls’ category, has achieved recognition. Furthermore, students from Surat and Vadodara have also performed exceptionally well in the results.

“I am seeking admission to pursue B.Tech. Computer Science from IIT,” says Meet Parekh, who secured top rank in Gujarat and 28th rank in All India in JEE Main. He mentioned that he has studied at B.H. Rathod High School and achieved such a good result after preparing for JEE Main here. He also highlighted the importance of previous year’s papers and mock tests in his preparation. Currently, he is preparing for JEE Advanced and aims to pursue B.Tech. Computer Science from a good IIT in the future. He expressed his interest in becoming a Computer Science engineer due to his passion for computer subjects since 7th grade.

Meet Parekh, the top scorer in JEE Main with 100 percentile and 28th rank in All India, has a father, Vikrambhai Parekh, who is a marketing manager, and a mother, Jyotiben Parekh, who is a homemaker. Currently, Meet is preparing for JEE Advanced to secure admission into an IIT.

Meeth’s advice to other students was to consistently work hard for at least 2 years while preparing for the JEE. He emphasized the importance of giving more and more tests and immediately seeking solutions from faculty if any topic is not understood.

For Harshal Kanani, studying aerospace engineering at IIT is a dream. Despite scoring 44th rank in All India and securing 100 percentile in JEE Main, he believes that solving modules and papers extensively has been key to his success in JEE Main. He also aims to prepare well for JEE Advanced to pursue his dream of studying aerospace engineering at IIT.

Harshal Kanani, whose father is a businessman and mother is a homemaker, echoes Meeth’s sentiment and is also preparing for JEE Advanced alongside excelling in JEE Main, securing 100 percentile in Gujarat and ranking 44th in All India.

Dhvija Patel, who secured 58th rank in India in JEE Main, attributed her success to consistent hard work over two years. She emphasized the importance of seeking clarification from teachers or friends if any topics are not understood. Whenever confidence wavers, she suggests engaging in motivating activities to regain focus. Her dream is to pursue computer engineering at either IIT Mumbai or IIT Madras.

Hailing from Rajkot, Dhvija Patel has consistently excelled, ranking among the top in the girls’ category in Saurashtra. With a percentile score of 99.999176 and an All India Rank of 58, her achievement is remarkable. Her father, Dharmeshkumar Patel, is a teacher, while her mother, Kiranben Patel, is a homemaker. Like Meeth and Harshal, Dhvija is also diligently preparing for JEE Advanced to secure admission to an IIT.

Amritash Mukherjee, the head of Rajkot Allen Institute, disclosed that among the top 100 ranks in JEE Main, three students from Rajkot Allen have made it. Among them, Meeth Parekh secured an All India Rank (AIR) of 28, while Harshal Kanani secured 44th rank. Dhvija Patel achieved the 58th rank nationwide. Two students from Rajkot Allen have become Gujarat toppers. Therefore, one student has become the topper in Saurashtra. In the top 1,000 ranks, there are a total of 11 students from this institute.

Two students from Surat have also excelled.

In the results of JEE Main, two students from Surat have also excelled. These students, coming from ordinary families, have achieved success through hard work and determination. Leveraging the vast facilities provided by the institute, 15 students have scored above 99 percentile. Among them, Parth Popatbhai Vaghasiya has secured 99.80 percentile and has also ranked first in school in Session-2. His success, achieved while his father works as a diamond broker, has brought immense joy to his family.

Another shining example is Yajnik, originally from Saurashtra, who has secured 99.75 percentile in JEE. Yajnik’s father, who suffers from paralysis, has been his constant support. Yajnik attributes his success to his father’s service and dedication, alongside his own hard work. He also expressed his determination to utilize engineering to create tools that would be beneficial to people, emphasizing his desire to alleviate the difficulties faced by his father.

Kartik, residing in Vadodara, has achieved a monumental feat in JEE.

Residing in Vadodara, Kartik Vasant has topped with a percentile of 99.999 and secured the 71st rank in all of India. He aims to clear JEE Advanced and pursue his studies at either IIT Bombay or Delhi. Kartik’s father works in a bank and they have retired from the Air Force. His mother is a homemaker. Reflecting on his achievement, Kartik emphasizes the importance of dedication in preparing for examinations. Whatever the reason for taking the exam, success should be the ultimate goal.

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