Rising Pollution in Ahmedabad Leads to Higher Charges: Environment Tax Imposed on Citizens; AMC Generates 4.5 Crores Annually

In Ahmedabad, pollution levels are witnessing a daily increase, particularly in air pollution. Recognizing the importance of clean air and a healthy environment for city residents, the Municipal Corporation is actively endeavoring through its system to address this issue. 

In response to the escalating pollution in the city, the Municipal Corporation has initiated the collection of Environmental Improvement Charges (EIC) from citizens since the past year. Similar to the increased charges for utilizing more vehicles in foreign countries, additional payments are now required in Ahmedabad to combat pollution effectively.

This move reflects a growing global trend where citizens are financially incentivized to reduce their environmental footprint. In Ahmedabad, citizens are also being subjected to Environmental Taxes as part of efforts to mitigate pollution.

Initiating Environmental Improvement Charges to Combat Rising Pollution

A senior official from the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has revealed that pollution levels are steadily increasing day by day. In light of this, and to raise awareness among the public while curbing pollution, the initiative to levy Environmental Improvement Charges (EIC) as taxes began in the fiscal year 2023-24. 

The primary motive behind implementing these charges is to discourage excessive vehicle usage, which significantly contributes to pollution while underutilizing public transportation. The surge in pollution is largely attributed to the escalating use of vehicles.

In order to incentivize reduced vehicular usage, and as a measure to address this issue, the imposition of Environmental Improvement Charges has been enforced as a common token charge.

4.5 crores per annum to the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation.

Implementation of Environmental Tax in 2023-24

During the previous fiscal year, Municipal Commissioner M. Thennaresan had proposed the levy of Environmental Improvement Charges (EIC) in the general budget. This proposal was approved by the standing committee’s budget, and consequently, the Environmental Charge was introduced in Ahmedabad for the first time on April 1, 2023-24. 

Under this scheme, residential properties ranging from 15 square meters to 500 square meters will incur charges ranging from Rs. 5 to Rs. 100, respectively. Additionally, for commercial units, charges will vary from Rs. 75 to Rs. 3,000 for properties ranging from 15 square meters to 500 square meters. 

Non-residential properties will be charged similarly, with the fee increasing with size, providing a structured approach to promote environmental consciousness and responsibility among citizens and businesses alike.

Increased use of personal vehicles.

Higher Taxes for Larger Offices to Fund Environmental Initiatives

According to officials from the Municipal Corporation, the introduction of taxes has been initiated since the previous fiscal year, generating an estimated revenue of Rs. 4.50 crore. With the aim of environmental conservation, the Municipal Corporation incurs millions annually. 

Larger office spaces incur higher taxes, contributing significantly to this fund. In addition to taxes, various fees are also levied by the Municipal Corporation to combat pollution. New action plans are being devised separately by a dedicated cell to further mitigate pollution, including stringent actions against violations by citizens.

Despite these efforts, pollution levels continue to rise daily, necessitating increased public awareness, hence the ongoing imposition of Environmental Improvement Charges.

Citizens are required to pay the following taxes based on the size of their property (square meters):

Residential Area (Square Meters)Without TenancyWith Tenancy
0-155 Rupees75 Rupees
15-2510 Rupees150 Rupees
25-5040 Rupees300 Rupees
50-10050 Rupees500 Rupees
100-200150 Rupees1000 Rupees
200-400500 Rupees1500 Rupees
400-500750 Rupees2000 Rupees
5001000 Rupees3000 Rupees

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