Dwija Girls Category Topper in JEE: Rajkot’s Patel Power, Meet Parekh, Gujarat’s No.1, Hard Working till Midnight!

The National Testing Agency has declared the results of the first session of the JEE Main exam (January 2024), wherein Rajkot’s Dwija Patel has secured the top rank in the Girls category across India with a perfect 100 percentile score in Gujarat. Dwija Patel, who has been rigorously studying until midnight, attributes her success to relentless hard work. Her family is jubilant and proud of Dwija’s remarkable achievement, which shines amidst the aspirations of many other students.

Currently, both Dwija and her peers are preparing for the JEE Advanced exam, aiming to pursue computer engineering at IIT Mumbai in the future.

Dedication and Routine: The Study Regimen of Dwija Patel

Dwija Patel, a student of B.H. Rathod School, has achieved the top rank among girls in All India in the JEE Main exam. She has been preparing diligently for the past two years at the same institution. Despite scoring 290 out of 300 marks, her percentile stands impressively at 99.99917. Dwija attributes her success to her rigorous dedication, evident in her daily routine.

Starting her day at 8:30 AM, Dwija attends classes at the coaching institute until 1:30 PM. Following a short break, she resumes her studies from 2:00 to 2:30 PM. After returning home, she continues to study from 4:00 to 8:00 PM. Subsequently, she devotes her time to self-study from 9:00 PM to midnight. This routine translates to twelve hours of study daily for Dwija Patel, showcasing her unwavering commitment and determination towards her academic goals.

With the glowing result, the teacher made Dwija's mouth salty by feeding him cake.

The Inspirational Journey of Dwija’s Father: A Teacher’s Dedication

Dwija’s father, Dharmeshbhai, is a teacher by profession. It is noteworthy that he made a significant decision for Dwija’s future. After completing 9th grade, he decided that Dwija should pursue computer science engineering after taking coding classes. Now, witnessing Dwija’s remarkable achievement in the JEE Advanced exam, he is immensely proud. He believes in Dwija’s dream of studying computer engineering at IIT Mumbai. Dharmeshbhai, a dedicated educator, instills the value of hard work and determination in Dwija. Her mother, Kiranben, is a homemaker who supports Dwija’s aspirations wholeheartedly.

Exceptional Performance in JEE Main Examination

A student from Rajkot’s Parshuram School, after dedicated preparation at the Allen Institute, achieved an outstanding score of 290 out of 300 marks in his initial attempt at the JEE Main examination. He proudly reveals that he attained the first rank in Gujarat with a 100 percentile score, expressing immense joy and satisfaction. Over the past two years, he has diligently focused on Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, investing significant effort and completing numerous mock tests. His hard work has been rewarded with exceptional results. Currently, he is diligently preparing for the JEE Advanced examination, aiming for further success.

Meet Parekh also secured 290 marks out of 300.

Meet’s Mother Jyotiben: A Proud Homemaker

Meet’s mother, Jyotiben, is a dedicated homemaker. She recently announced that the 12th-grade science examinations will commence from March 11th. Despite this, Meet has been diligently working hard for his preparations. He aspires to pursue computer science engineering at IIT Mumbai in the future. Meet’s father, Vikrambhai, works as a marketing manager, while his mother, Jyotiben, manages the household responsibilities. Meet’s achievement has brought immense joy and pride to both the family and their extended community.

Preparation for JEE Main and Advanced at Kota’s Esteemed Faculty

Amritash Mukherjee, the academic in-charge at the Rajkot Allen Center, recently announced that in the JEE Main results, six students from Rajkot’s Allen Institute have scored 270 or above out of 300 marks. Among these students, Mit Parekh, who belongs to the girls’ category, has secured the first position in the All India rankings. The 12th-grade science students are currently preparing to pursue engineering branches through JEE Main and Advanced. 

Most of the students have been preparing for Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics rigorously for over two years. Additionally, for the past four months, they have been taking mock tests to boost their confidence. With guidance from the esteemed faculty at Kota, known for its excellence in coaching for competitive exams, the students have achieved remarkable results.

Dwija and Meet's faces were flooded with happiness at the good result.

Importance of Private Educational Institutions for Competitive Exam Preparation

The precise guidance for competitive exams is largely unavailable to students, especially for exams like JEE and NEET, which are taken by students in grade 12 who study in schools. Thus, they turn to private educational institutions specializing in preparing students for such competitive exams. Rajasthan’s Kota faculty is notably significant in providing this guidance. Students, after completing grade 12, opt for engineering by appearing for JEE or pursue medical branches by taking the NEET exam. 

However, schools are not equipped to provide adequate preparation for these competitive exams. Hence, students often seek guidance from private educational institutions, which offer comprehensive coaching tailored for such exams, replacing traditional school education with specialized coaching institutes.

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