Indian Man Arrested for Allegedly Stabbing Wife to Death in Canada

Incident of Murder in Canada

An incident of homicide has emerged in Canada, where an individual from Punjab has murdered his wife. Officials had provided information about this incident. It was reported that 41-year-old Balwinder Kaur was found in critical condition at her home in Abbotsford, British Columbia. According to officials, this incident occurred on March 15th at the 3400 block of Wagner Drive in Abbotsford.

Husband Caught After Wife’s Murder

According to the Canadian Integrated Homicide Investigation Team, efforts were made to save the woman’s life, but she succumbed to her injuries shortly after being taken to the hospital. In this case, the woman’s husband, Jagprit Singh, was apprehended at the scene of the incident. What’s startling is that Jagprit had called his mother in Ludhiana, informing her via video call that he had murdered his wife.

Financial Dispute Leads to Family Tragedy

There was a dispute over money between the couple. Balwinder Kaur’s sister told ‘The Indian Express’, “My sister’s husband had tried to kill my sister’s daughter-in-law, and then Jagprit called his mother in Ludhiana and told her that he had murdered his wife. He said he had always blamed Balwinder for money. It’s been two weeks since they arrived in Canada, and Jagprit was not working and was unemployed. According to reports, they got married in 2000 and have two children – a daughter and a son.

Our Family Has Never Been Shocked by Balwinder Kaur

While Jagprit’s family had denied all allegations and considered both to be a happy couple. Jagprit’s brother had informed ‘The Indian Express’ that they have no clarity on this matter yet. He said that no one in the family knew what happened between his brother and his wife that night. He stated, “My brother called my mother and told her that he accidentally injured his wife. He was asking for forgiveness.” He added that this had never happened before and that no one knows what led to this. They were a happy couple, and they returned from shopping a few hours before the incident.

He said, “My brother apologized over the phone. He said he had accidentally injured his wife. He was asking for forgiveness.” He added that there was no prior indication of such behavior. The reason behind what happened that night is unknown because even his daughter was not present.

Jagprit Arrived in Canada Just Five Days Before to Meet His Daughter

The deceased’s sister, Rajvinder Kaur, revealed that Balwinder and Jagprit got married in 2000 and have two children. They have a daughter, Harnoorpreet Kaur (22), and a son, Gurnoor Singh (18). According to Rajvinder, Harnoorpreet had come to Canada almost four years ago for her studies. However, Jagprit had arrived in Canada just five days before to meet his daughter. There were frequent arguments between the couple over financial matters, especially since Jagprit had stopped working and was unemployed.

Balwinder Used to Send Money to Jagprit

Rajvinder further mentioned that after her sister Balwinder went to Canada in 2022 to take care of her daughter’s upbringing and education, her husband Jagprit also started demanding money. Initially, he used to work as a driver, but when Balwinder started sending money to him, he stopped working. Balwinder took care of her daughter’s upbringing and education expenses alone. Apart from this, she also used to send money to Jagprit.

An Appeal to Bring the Daughter’s Body to India

The father of the deceased, Himmat Singh, informed that the Canadian police have arrested Jagprit Singh for the murder of Balwinder Kaur. He mentioned that now they are looking forward to seeing the body of their daughter so that they can perform her last rites in their village. He appealed to the Punjab and central governments to assist in bringing his daughter’s body back to India.

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