Wife of IPS Officer Rajan Susra, 47 Year Old, Found Dead in Apparent Suicide at Ahmedabad Bungalow

In Thaltej’s expansive area in Ahmedabad, IPS officer Rajan Susara’s wife, Shaluben (age 47), has committed suicide by hanging. Local police and high-ranking officials have reached the scene, conducting an investigation. The incident has caused a stir in the police department, with tremors felt in police headquarters. Rajan Susara serves as an ACP in the Valsad Marine Security. Shaluben’s body has been taken to the Civil Hospital for post-mortem. In this case, IPS officer Rajan Susara is also expected to be questioned.

Bodakdev Police Efforts to Suppress Entire Case

Bodakdev Police are making efforts to suppress the entire case, and the police who received the request have not disclosed the name of the deceased. Policeman Pratipalsinh, who was present during the incident, was also actively trying to suppress and hide the matter.

Rajan Susara’s Wife Seen Hanging in the Bedroom

Rajan Susara used to reside in Ahmedabad when his wife Shaluben moved from Surat to Ahmedabad. At that time, Rajan Susara was in his bedroom, where Shaluben was found hanging. When Rajan Susara woke up in the morning, he found Shaluben hanging in a distressed state.

Mehul Zunja, Maternal Uncle’s Statement When Aunt Arrived

Mehul Zunja, the maternal uncle of the deceased, informed the media that the deceased’s maternal aunt and uncle are at their maternal uncle’s place. The details of how the incident occurred are not known to us. The marriage ceremony had been ongoing for four to five days. The uncle was at Sahib’s place yesterday. When Aunt returned in the afternoon, Sahib had already left. Around 10-10:30 PM, Aunt left again. When Aunt arrived, Sahib had already left. Today, when Sahib went downstairs, he found them hanging. Upon opening, they directly called the police.

Reasons behind the Accident are Unknown

According to available information, IPS officer Rajan Susara’s family resides in Shangrila Bungalow in Thaltej. Today, in the same bungalow, his wife Shaluben has been a victim of an accident. The reasons for Shaluben’s accident are not known at the moment.

Police Initiates Investigation into All Aspects

Zone 7 DCP Tarun Duggal revealed that information about this incident has been received, and our police team has reached there. Currently, the reasons behind the accident are unknown, but our police are actively conducting a thorough investigation into all aspects of the case.

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