Tragic Incident: Woman Killed as Tree Branch Falls on Elderly Couple in Vadodara, Moped Crushed, Two Cars Damaged

In Vadodara city, incidents of accidents occur sporadically, leading to the loss of lives. Recently, a tragic incident unfolded near Diwalipura Court premises in the city. An elderly couple riding a moped fell beneath a fallen branch during the previous night, resulting in severe injuries to the woman. The Fire Department and the 108 emergency team promptly reached the scene for immediate assistance.

Tragic Demise of Elderly Woman

The details of this incident reveal that in Harinagar Maheshwari Society on Makrand Desai Road in the city, an elderly couple residing there, returning home on a moped from outside Diwalipura Court premises, unexpectedly faced a branch falling on them. In this unfortunate event, 69-year-old Ranjanben suffered serious injuries and was immediately rushed to Gotri Hospital through 108 emergency services, where she was declared dead by the attending doctors. The husband of the deceased woman was informed of the tragic incident.

Two Vehicles Damaged by Fallen Branch

The Fire Department reported that information about a fallen branch near Diwalipura Court premises was received, and as the elderly couple was passing on a moped, the incident occurred. The Fire team, along with the 108 emergency team, promptly reached the scene. Besides rescuing the injured woman, two other women on nearby two-wheelers were also affected by the fallen branch, resulting in damages.

Accident Occurs While Returning Home

Regarding this incident, the son of the elderly couple, Vishal Kharadi, stated that his parents had gone out and were returning home when the accident happened. The tragic incident unfolded during their journey back home. In the accident, his mother fell and suffered injuries on the spot, leading to her demise. Both parents were taken to Gotri Hospital through 108 emergency services, but unfortunately, his mother couldn’t survive. The police are conducting further investigations into this matter.

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