Sam Bahadur Movie Review: Average Acting and Screenplay in the Story of Sam Maneksha

This film is based on the life of Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw, who led India to victory in the 1971 war against Pakistan. The film begins by introducing the audience to when and where Sam Manekshaw’s name became known. In reality, he was given the nickname ‘Bahadur’ by the soldiers of the 8th Gorkha Rifles.

The film attempts to portray both Sam Manekshaw’s personal and professional life. His heroic stories, along with many accolades and challenges, are still well-known today. He was such an army chief who did not fear even the contemporary Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi’s opposition. Not only that, but he also used to affectionately call Indira Gandhi ‘Sweetie.’ All these aspects are depicted in the film.

What is the Direction of the Film?

Meghna Gulzar has directed this film. She has chosen the subject of the film remarkably. Although the attempt to cover the real story of a eminent personality in a concise manner within the time frame of a film might make it a bit difficult to comprehend, it seems to have worked out well. The film starts swiftly, but after a while, it slows down significantly. The film lacks some crucial lines, making it seem limited, especially in the trailer. Some scenes seem overly dramatized, such as the peculiar conversation between the country’s defense minister and the chief of staff.

How is the Acting of the Star Cast?

Vicky Kaushal has made an effort to capture the essence of Sam Manekshaw’s expressions, but it doesn’t come through in his acting. Vicky played Major Vihan Singh Shergill and Sardar Udhham Singh in “Uri: The Surgical Strike” so convincingly that it seems he struggled here. It appears that he put in more effort to fit into these roles. In the entire film, it seems like Vicky is trying to mimic Sam Manekshaw. However, Dev Anand’s son Sunil Malhotra does decent acting in the role of Silloo, Sam Manekshaw’s wife. But even he cannot create a significant impact. When Fatima Sana Shaikh, who plays Indira Gandhi, speaks, she seems to be the weakest link in the film. Her poor makeup and appearance are disappointing, and she is not convincing in her acting performance. Overall, the acting lacks a certain charisma.

How are the Songs of the Film?

In this patriotic and valor-filled film, the songs enhance the narrative but don’t have the ability to make a lasting impact with their patriotic zeal.

Final Verdict: Should You Watch the Film?

For those who are unaware of Sam Manekshaw’s illustrious saga, this film can be an eye-opener. If you are a fan of patriotic films, you might enjoy watching it at least once.

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