This is Prasar Bharati, not Prachar Bharati”: Former CEO Criticizes Doordarshan’s Saffron Logo, Calling it a Breach of Ethical Code

Amidst the electoral fervor in the country, Doordarshan has stirred controversy by altering its news channel’s logo color. Now, DD will be adorned with an orange logo, a departure from its previous red hue. 

The unveiling of this new logo through a promotional video on DD’s X channel has sparked debates. Former CEO of DD and Trinamool Congress MP, Jawhar Sircar, expressed regret over what he termed as the “saffronisation” of Doordarshan’s image prior to elections, deeming it a violation of ethical principles.

While Doordarshan has changed its logo color from red to orange (resembling DD News logo), the opposition has raised objections. Recently, DD News (with its DD News Orange Logo) shared a new promotional video on X channel, introducing the new logo. 

The caption reads, “What remains constant are our values, as we now exist in a new avatar. Prepare for a news journey like never before… Experience the all-new DD News.”

Controversy Surrounding DD’s New Logo Unfolds Online

The unveiling of Doordarshan’s new logo has sparked a heated debate online. Many users have voiced their opinions, labeling the new design as “saffron” and accusing it of being a political move ahead of elections. 

Even former officials of Doordarshan and members of the opposition, including Jawhar Sircar, a former executive and Trinamool Congress MP, expressed dismay, referring to it as “saffronisation” of the public broadcaster’s identity. In an online post, Sircar lamented, “The national broadcaster Doordarshan has now draped its historic flagship logo in saffron! As a former CEO, I am worried and saddened by its saffronisation. 

It’s not Prasar Bharati now, it’s Prachar Bharati.” The controversy surrounding Doordarshan’s new logo continues to unfold as discussions escalate across various online platforms.

Former DD Boss Calls it a Violation of the Code of Conduct

The former boss of DD criticized the move, calling it a breach of the code of conduct. Jawhar Sircar served as the CEO of Prasar Bharati, overseeing Doordarshan and All India Radio from 2012 to 2016 as a legal entity responsible for their management. 

Expressing his opposition to the new logo, he stated in a video, “It is inappropriate that the national broadcaster has chosen saffron color for its branding.” He also considered this move as a violation of the ethical code. Such barriers are part of the pre-election process to ensure equal opportunities for candidates.

Current DD Boss Emphasizes on Enhancing Viewer Experience

The current head of Doordarshan expressed that the public’s perception needed an upgrade. Although disagreeing with Jawhar Sircar, the present CEO emphasized the importance of aesthetics for viewers. He stressed that the use of vibrant, appealing colors like orange is essential for the channel’s branding and visual enhancement. 

Speaking with The Indian Express, Gaurav Dwivedi stated that the channel’s branding and visual aesthetics are based on using vibrant and attractive colors. He also mentioned that apart from just the logo, the channel has upgraded its presentation and experience with new lighting and equipment.

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