Rinku Singh Omitted from India’s T20I Squad against West Indies, Insights from Coach Masood Amini

The Indian Premier League (IPL) has the power to captivate the entire world through its unique blend of cricketing talent, entertainment, and global appeal. Rinku Singh, an aspiring cricketer from the streets of Aligarh, experienced firsthand how the IPL can transform lives and garner immense attention from fans across the globe.

Rinku Singh’s journey from obscurity to being hailed as the “Lord” within a span of two months showcases the transformative power of the IPL. Representing the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) and touring different parts of India, Rinku became a symbol of hope and inspiration for countless individuals. The IPL’s grand stage and massive viewership provided him with an unprecedented opportunity to showcase his skills and make a name for himself.

Throughout the tournament, Rinku faced fierce opposition and daunting challenges. However, he displayed exceptional talent and resilience, astounding his coaches, teammates, and fans alike. His ability to execute extraordinary shots left everyone spellbound and contributed significantly to his team’s success. Despite KKR finding themselves in the lower half of the points table after 14 games, Rinku stood out as one of the top-scorers of the season, finishing 9th with an impressive tally of 474 runs and an average of 59.25.

Rinku’s remarkable performance and meteoric rise to fame symbolize the incredible impact the IPL can have on players’ careers and the game of cricket as a whole. The tournament’s widespread popularity and global reach ensure that exceptional talents like Rinku Singh can capture the attention and adoration of fans from all corners of the world.

Given Rinku’s incredible achievements, fans clamored for the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) to offer him a contract, recognizing his talent and potential. This showcases how the IPL not only provides a platform for players to excel but also ignites public demand and enthusiasm, creating new cricketing superstars and generating widespread support for their inclusion in the national setup.

The impact of Rinku Singh’s outstanding performances in the IPL was so immense that it caught the attention of experts and cricket enthusiasts alike, making it difficult for anyone to overlook his talent and potential. Many experts of the game envisioned him wearing the prestigious blue jersey of the Indian cricket team.

Rinku Singh, too, believed that he was ready to represent India and give his best whenever given the opportunity. He expressed his readiness and dedication, stating, “I am ready to play for India, completely ready. I am fully prepared to play a match.” However, he remained grounded and realistic, understanding that ultimately, his fate would determine whether he would get the chance to don the Indian jersey or not.

Despite his incredible achievements, Rinku did not let the thought of playing for India consume him. He maintained a focused and disciplined routine, dedicating himself to his training and fitness. He followed a regular schedule of going to the gym and working hard to improve his skills. Rinku acknowledged that if playing for India was meant to be, it would happen according to his destiny.

Rinku humbly stated that he had never anticipated hitting those five sixes or receiving a call-up to the Indian team. His approach to his cricketing journey remained grounded and focused on constant improvement. While he nurtured dreams of playing for his country, he recognized that fate would ultimately determine his path.

Rinku Singh’s name was notably absent from the 15-man squad announced for the West Indies T20I series, which led to disappointment for both his coach, Masood Amini, and Rinku himself. The selectors opted to grant maiden call-ups to Tilak Varma from Hyderabad and Yashasvi Jaiswal from Mumbai, who was already in Barbados for the Test series.

Masood Amini, Rinku’s coach, expressed his disappointment with his ward’s omission, struggling to find words to convey his emotions. However, being a former player himself, Amini strongly believes that this setback does not signify the end of the road for Rinku.

In an exclusive conversation with News18 CricketNext, Amini acknowledged that it was regrettable that Rinku was not included in the squad. He recognized that it was a positive step to introduce new faces like Tilak Varma and Yashasvi Jaiswal. However, he firmly believed that Rinku should have been given the opportunity as well.

The coach’s sentiments reflect his disappointment at Rinku’s non-selection, but he remains optimistic about the future. Amini understands that cricket is a game of opportunities, and although Rinku may have missed out on this occasion, there will be other chances for him to showcase his talent and earn a place in the Indian team.

A coach understands his student better than anyone else, and Masood Amini believes that Rinku Singh will not be disheartened by his exclusion from the squad. Instead, he expects Rinku to use this setback as motivation to improve further and find the answers to his missed opportunity.

Amini stated, “He must have been hoping for the same, but I’m sure the non-selection won’t bother him much. He would say, ‘It’s okay, I will work hard, what else can I do?’ He won’t give up. He will work hard and strive to perform better. I think he will analyze where he missed out on a spot in the Indian team.”

Did fans have unrealistic expectations of Rinku?

The two-month stint in the IPL has undoubtedly changed Rinku’s life, transforming him from humble beginnings to newfound success. The son of a man who delivered LP cylinders door-to-door, Rinku has become a source of pride for Aligarh, affectionately known as Rinku bhaiyya. His juniors even touch his feet when he practices at his home ground. The media has given him extensive coverage, and people are fascinated by his lifestyle and his bond with KKR co-owner and Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan. While people see him as a rising star, deep down he remains the same old Rinku who loves the game more than anything.

When asked if fans had set unrealistic expectations for Rinku, Amini did not deny it. He acknowledged that the media has portrayed him as a big player, and people have started to think of him in the same way.

Rinku trends on social media

Amini, Rinku’s coach, is not an avid social media user. He is aware of platforms like WhatsApp and has some knowledge of Facebook, but he pays little attention to Instagram and Twitter. However, despite his limited presence on social media, Rinku’s name became a top trend. Fans expressed their emotions and bewilderment over his non-selection. Amini finds the outpouring of support and love for Rinku overwhelming, considering it as recognition of his talent and achievements.

Love for Test Cricket

Away from the noise of social media, Rinku is currently playing for the Central Zone in the Duleep Trophy semi-finals in Karnataka. Although he missed the opportunity to travel to the Caribbean and Sri Lanka for the Emerging Teams Asia Cup 2023, he still has more opportunities ahead. The Ireland tour has been announced, and the return of cricket in the Asian Games may bring good news for him.

However, Rinku’s personal goal is focused on representing India in Test and ODI formats. His coach, Amini, believes that Rinku’s true calling lies in Test cricket, and he predicts that Rinku will represent India in the longest format.


Rinku Singh’s coach, Masood Amini, believes that Rinku will not be disheartened by his non-selection and will use it as motivation to improve. While fans may have set high expectations, Amini finds the overwhelming support for Rinku on social media heartening. Rinku’s personal goal is to represent India in Test and ODI cricket, with Amini emphasizing that Test cricket is the true essence of the sport.

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