Fake Doctor Playing with People’s Lives: Runs Multispecialty Hospital, Exposed by Viral Video

So far, we have seen bogus doctors running ordinary clinics, but this fake doctor was running an entire multi-specialty hospital in the rural areas of Ahmedabad. He was extorting lakhs of rupees from patients in the name of treatment and playing with people’s lives. A video of one such case went viral. Afterward, the government investigated the viral video and, based on its findings, a team from the Ahmedabad District Health Department, led by CDHO Dr. Shailesh Parmar, raided the Ananya Multi-Specialty Hospital in Bavla with the police and sealed the hospital.

Girl Died During Treatment

The district health department team received a viral video recorded by the relatives of a deceased girl. According to the video, the girl was admitted to the Ananya Multi-Specialty Hospital in Bavla in the morning for some illness and died at night. This incident took place the previous day. In the video, the relatives said that the girl was fine in the morning. Despite repeatedly asking the doctor for the report, it was not provided. The hospital charged a treatment fee of 1.50 lakh rupees. The doctor told the girl’s family to take her to a government hospital, but the girl died at night.

Hospital Sealed After Record Inspection

The district health department team, along with the police, reached Ananya Multi-Specialty Hospital on Nal Sarovar Road in Bavla. There, they found a small medical person named Dr. Mehul Chavda running the hospital without any degree. The hospital staff was also unaware of who Dr. Mehul Chavda was. The patient’s file did not have the doctor’s name or address. The district health department team realized that the lives of patients were being played with here. Therefore, the team inspected the hospital records and later sealed the hospital. Legal action will now be taken against those responsible.

Niyati Rao

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