Tragic Midnight Clash in Surat: Two Cousins Fatally Attacked During Garba, Shattering Family

Today is the last day of Navaratri in Gujarat. Last night, a tragic incident unfolded in Surat when a dispute between two groups during Garba celebrations resulted in the murder of two brothers. Both groups were playing Garba when several individuals arrived and demanded the removal of a vehicle, leading to a heated argument. Later, three people attacked the two brothers, and a fight ensued. Following the incident, the police rushed to the scene, and the injured brothers were taken to the hospital. Unfortunately, both brothers lost their lives, and the police have arrested three individuals in connection with the incident.

Family Gathers at the Hospital

In the Kosad housing area, three brothers, Rahul and Praveen, fell victim to a murder. After the murders, these individuals fled the scene, but the police have apprehended all three of them. The families of the deceased brothers have gathered at the Civil Hospital, where the bodies are being kept. Large numbers of relatives have assembled at the hospital to mourn the tragic loss.

Brothers’ Deaths Lead to Family Discord

Last night, a family tragedy unfolded when, amid a dispute, one of the brothers, Rahul Pipal, was fatally injured, and his father was seriously injured. In the incident, Rahul Pipal, a 28-year-old with a wife and a young son, was critically injured during a confrontation with his father, who worked as a cobbler in Surat. This family originally hails from Buldana, Maharashtra, and has been living in the Amroli area of Surat for years. The family is demanding strict punishment for the accused involved in the murder.

Younger Brother Also Targeted to Protect the Elders

In an attempt to protect the elder brother, a younger brother was also murdered. During the argument, Rahul Pipal had a physical altercation with some young men, which led to the younger brother, Praveen, intervening. Subsequently, Praveen also became embroiled in the dispute. The assailants, seeking revenge, attacked both brothers, resulting in fatalities.

A Vehicle Dispute Leads to Violence

According to the father of the deceased, the argument began when they were dancing Garba and a dispute arose over parking a vehicle on the side of the road, which escalated into a violent confrontation. The situation initially appeared to have calmed down, but a group of men returned to the scene after about half an hour, attacked Rahul Pipal and his family with weapons, and then fled. Subsequently, they murdered the younger brother and attacked another young man, leaving him critically injured. Even during what should have been peaceful Navaratri celebrations, a tense atmosphere persists throughout the entire neighborhood, due to the series of events that transpired.

Aggressive Behavior at Garba Gathering

In the Kosad housing area of Amroli, during Garba celebrations, a bike was brought onto the premises, leading to a confrontation with a vehicle driver. This altercation turned into a physical fight between the driver and the Garba players. Tensions rose when the driver was pushed and the situation escalated into a violent confrontation, creating chaos in the midst of the Garba festivities. One individual aggressively attempted to remove the vehicle and even resorted to physical violence.

Repeat Offenders at 12:30 am

In this incident, a young man was initially confronted and then released by his elder brother, who later brought his friends to create another conflict. Around 12:30 in the night, they returned, and the altercation escalated. During this confrontation, the younger man was attacked by the group of friends, and his older brother was also attacked when he tried to protect him. Both were seriously injured and were rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately, the doctors declared them dead.

Police Launch Investigation

After a double murder involving two brothers came to light, the Amroli police sprang into action. Senior officers rushed to the scene late at night to initiate investigations. The authorities began collecting statements from the families of the deceased, and the police detained three suspects for questioning based on the information provided by the victims’ families.

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