SRK’s ‘Jai Shri Ram’ in Jamnagar: Nita Ambani’s Gujarati Query to Diljit, Janhvi-Khushi Spotted with Alleged Beaus

The pre-wedding function of Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant took place today, marking the culmination of festivities on March 3rd. On the evening of March 2nd, in Jamnagar, Bollywood stars enthralled the audience with captivating dance performances. 

From Shahrukh Khan to Salman Khan and Aamir Khan, several renowned personalities from Bollywood delivered spectacular performances, adding to the splendor of the event. The night was filled with glamour and excitement as the stars lit up the stage with their mesmerizing acts, making it a memorable affair for all in attendance.

Nita Ambani Engages in Dialogue with Punjabi Singer Diljit Onstage

Punjabi singer Diljit created waves with his electrifying performance on stage. Nita Ambani, not only engaged in a dialogue with Diljit as a guest but also managed to win the hearts of the audience. Amidst his live performance, Diljit made an attempt to converse with Nita Ambani in Gujarati.

Diljit’s Response Wins Hearts

In a viral video, Diljit was seated on stage, attempting to converse with Nita Ambani. Nita Ambani asked Diljit in Gujarati, “Kem cho?” (How are you?) To which the Punjabi singer responded, “Majama.” (I’m fine.) Diljit’s attempt to speak in Gujarati was met with applause from the audience. Subsequently, Nita Ambani asked Diljit in Gujarati, “Tame kya rahyo chho ane kya no chhe?” (Where are you staying and whose are you?) Upon hearing this question, Diljit expressed that he wasn’t aware of any particular news. 

Responding in Punjabi, he said, “Ae okha hai” (This is very difficult). Nita Ambani then translated the question and asked again. Diljit replied, “Hu to badha na hriday ma rahu chu” (I reside in everyone’s heart). Diljit’s heartfelt response has garnered much attention in social media circles.

Shahrukh Khan Utters ‘Jai Shri Ram’

As Shahrukh Khan made his entry onto the stage, he greeted the audience with the words “Jai Shri Ram.” The audience erupted in joy at Shahrukh’s utterance of the sacred phrase, and cheers filled the air. 

On stage, Shahrukh Khan reverentially acknowledged three women from the Ambani family as representations of Goddesses Saraswati, Lakshmi, and Parvati. Nita Ambani, Isha Ambani, and Shloka Mehta were specially invited by Shahrukh to join him on stage.

Janhvi Kapoor's sister Khushi Kapoor's alleged lover Vedang Raina.

At the pre-wedding function, Khushi Kapoor was reportedly seen with her alleged boyfriend, Vedang Rana. Both had worked together on ‘Archies‘, sparking discussions about their alleged affair. Janhvi Kapoor also met her alleged boyfriend, Shikhar Pahariya, at the event. The family reportedly approves of Janhvi’s and Shikhar’s relationship.

At the pre-wedding function, the following Bollywood celebrities were reportedly in attendance:

  1. Amitabh Bachchan and family
  2. Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai
  3. Rajinikanth and family
  4. Shahrukh Khan and family
  5. Aamir Khan and family
  6. Salman Khan
  7. Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna
  8. Ajay Devgan
  9. Saif Ali Khan and family
  10. Chunky Pandey and family
  11. Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt
  12. Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone
  13. Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif
  14. Madhuri Dixit and Dr. Shriram Nene
  15. Aditya Chopra and Rani Mukherjee
  16. Boney Kapoor and family
  17. Anil Kapoor and family
  18. Varun Dhawan
  19. Siddharth Malhotra
  20. Shraddha Kapoor
  21. Karisma Kapoor

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