Security Clash at SVP Hospital as Patient’s Kin Demand Emergency Ward Access, CEO Denies ICU Entry

The Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel (SVP) Hospital, managed by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, is once again embroiled in controversy. A dispute arose between the family members of a patient and the hospital’s security guards. When the daughter of the patient went to inquire about her father’s condition and ask for news, she was denied entry by the security guard, even though her father was in a critical condition. Despite the severity of the situation, the security guard did not allow her entry, citing hospital rules. The family claims that they had spoken to the guard earlier when the patient’s father was in a critical condition, but entry was not granted.

No Entry to ICU

SVP Hospital’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Saurabh Patel, revealed in a conversation with Divya Bhaskar that the video of the patient’s family that went viral had been in the ICU for two days. Entry to the ICU is restricted, and anyone entering needs permission. While the family had spoken with the doctor a day before, the security guard did not grant them entry. The family insists on continuous communication, expecting to be kept informed about the patient’s condition. The hospital’s policy is strict about entry to the ICU, and even the security guards were informed about it.

Patient’s Determination to Go to the Emergency Ward

According to available information, a patient in critical condition with heart attack and brain damage was brought to the SVP Hospital in the city’s Ellisbridge area. Despite the severity of the situation, the family was determined to inquire about the patient in the ICU when denied entry. The patient’s daughter confronted the security guard at 11 PM when the IGB (a process involving light and camera with a flexible tube inside the patient’s body) procedure was being performed. The family accused the security guard of being rude and uncooperative when they had tried to communicate earlier.

Security Guard’s Attempt to Explain

Due to the critical condition of the patient’s father, the family occasionally tried to enter the hospital with the security guard’s cooperation. However, the security guard had made efforts to explain the situation to them and tried to make them understand that entry was not allowed due to the seriousness of the case. The family, on the other hand, was not prepared to listen, claiming that the security guard was not responsive to their concerns.

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