Horrific Incident in Jaipur: 5 Lives Lost as Cylinder Placed Near Door, Trapped Inside, Including 3 Children

In a devastating incident in Jaipur, a fire broke out in a residential area, resulting in the tragic death of an entire family, including three children. With the assistance of the fire brigade, the Vishwakarma Police Station gained control over the blaze and retrieved the charred bodies from the scene. The bodies were then transferred to the mortuary of Kanwatia Hospital for post-mortem examination.

SHO Rajendra Sharma reported that the tragedy occurred on Thursday morning around 7:30 am in Jasalya village. When the fire brigade arrived at the scene, flames had engulfed the cylinder. 

According to police reports, the doors of the cylinder and the stove room were kept closed, preventing anyone from escaping. The fire originated from the regulator panel, causing the room to catch fire and trapping the family inside, resulting in their tragic demise.

Tragic Fire Claims Lives of Family in Madhubani, Bihar

Rajesh (26), his wife Ruby (24), along with their children Ishu (3), Dilkhush (2), and their one-year-old infant, met an untimely demise in a devastating fire incident. It was reported by Sharma that the family hailed from Madhubani, Bihar, and resided in the area on rent. 

Suddenly engulfed by a raging fire, the five individuals were trapped inside their rooms, unable to escape despite attempts to rescue them.

Police Rush to the Scene; Chief Minister Expresses Grief Over the Incident

Upon receiving information from the neighbors, the Vishwakarma Police Station swiftly arrived at the scene of the incident. With the assistance of two fire brigade vehicles, the police managed to bring the fire under control. 

Investigations are underway to determine the cause of the fire, as the authorities are diligently working to uncover the truth. Meanwhile, the Chief Minister has expressed deep sorrow over the tragedy.

Tragic Fire Claims Lives of Bihar Residents in Jaipur; Chief Minister Expresses Condolences

It is reported that the fire broke out in the house, igniting the cylinder first. All the individuals who lost their lives were residents of Bihar, living in a house in Jaipur. 

The Chief Minister expressed deep sorrow, stating, “The news of the sudden death of 5 citizens due to the severe fire in Jaipur, under Vishwakarma’s account, is heart-wrenching. I pray to the Almighty that He grants peace to the departed souls in their divine abode.”

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