Ahmedabadi’s Neelam Kalal Shines Nationally: Secures 24th Rank in UPSC’s IFoS Exam after 4 Years of Dedicated Effort

The results of the Indian Forest Service (IFoS) exam conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) were announced on Wednesday (May 8, 2023). Five candidates from Sardar Patel Institute of Public Administration (SPIPA) in Ahmedabad have passed the IFoS exam, with four of them securing a place in the top 50. 

Among these five candidates is Neelam Kalal from Ahmedabad. Neelam had previously cleared the Gujarat Public Service Commission’s Class-2 exam and has been selected as a mamlatdar.

Neelam Kalal’s Journey: Overcoming Challenges and Achieving Success

Neelam Kalal, in a conversation with a source, revealed that she has passed the exam on her third attempt. She dedicatedly studied for 8 hours daily for 3 to 4 years. In her previous attempt in 2023, she secured the 24th rank in the IFoS exam. 

During her preparation, she consciously avoided excessive use of social media, focusing instead on utilizing platforms like Telegram and YouTube for educational lectures. Her success has brought her immense joy, motivating her to strive for further success in civil services exams. 

She credits her inspiration to many civil servants and her elder brother. Her achievement has filled her family with immense happiness and pride.

Neelam Kalal: A Resident of Ahmedabad's Satellite Area

Neelam Kalal: A Resident of Ahmedabad’s Satellite Area

Neelam Kalal belongs to Ahmedabad and has been living in the Satellite area with her parents and elder brother for years. While her elder brother serves in the state government, her father works in the textile industry, and her mother manages household affairs. 

She completed her schooling at RR Dwivedi School in Vejalpur and pursued a five-year MSC degree in Botany Honors from Xavier’s College. After completing her college education, her aim was to crack civil services exams, thus initiating her preparations for GPSC and UPSC exams.

Neelam’s SPIPA Journey and Success in GPSC and UPSC Exams

In 2020, Neelam took admission in SPIPA, initiating her preparation journey for both GPSC and UPSC exams. In 2023, she successfully cleared the GPSC Class-2 exam, securing a position as a mamlatdar. Despite the pending order, she continued her preparation for the UPSC exams. 

While preparing for UPSC alongside GPSC, in 2023, she appeared for both the prelims and mains of the IFoS exam, emerging victorious by passing both. Neelam’s hard work and dedication paid off as she secured the 24th rank nationwide in the Indian Forest Service exam.

Neelam's Passion for the Forest Service

Neelam’s Passion for the Forest Service and Dedication to UPSC Preparation

Neelam had a keen interest in botany from the beginning, which sparked her fascination with the Forest Service. She prepared for the UPSC exams, focusing on the Indian Forest Service (IFoS), which had been her ambition from the start. 

Despite facing setbacks in previous attempts, where she couldn’t clear the prelims, Neelam persevered with utmost dedication. Her third attempt involved rigorous preparation, leading to her remarkable success with a high rank in the IFoS exam.

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