Villagers Ban Politician Entry into 11 Villages in Karjan, Alleging Free Land Grab in Railway Corridor: Expressway

Eleven villages, including Haandod, in the Karjan taluka of Vadodara district have put up banners boycotting the Lok Sabha elections due to inadequate compensation for their lands acquired in three projects including the Expressway and Railway Corridor. Notably, Chhota Udepur Lok Sabha constituency includes Karjan taluka. Farmers in these villages have criticized that the government has acquired their lands for the Expressway and Railway Corridor projects at very low rates.

Farmers Denied Proper Compensation

Several villages including Kambola, Bodka, Mangrol, Kanbha, Haandod, Khandha, Manpura, and Kothwada in the Karjan taluka of Vadodara district have been affected by the expansion of the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway and Railway Corridor. The government has acquired over 300 acres of land from more than 100 farmers for these projects. However, farmers have been fighting against the government for proper compensation for some time now. Those farmers whose questions were not addressed by the government have decided to boycott the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Community Support for Farmers

In villages like Haandod and Saampa, farmers have boycotted the elections. Various political parties have set up mechanisms to explain to farmers the intricacies of land acquisition and to garner support from them. The villagers of all these affected villages are now aware that those who have lost their lands for government projects are putting up banners to boycott the elections today. The farmers who lost their lands are being supported by other villagers.

Cheap Land Acquisition

Farmers in Haandod village, including Prafulbhai Bhatt, have stated that the government has acquired land at very cheap rates for projects like the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway and Railway Corridor, along with 11 neighboring villages. The government had appointed an R.B. Thesen but no action has been taken by the government regarding proper compensation. Our lands have been acquired at a meager price of 36,000.

No Entry into Villages

It has been further emphasized that we have been protesting for the last six months, but the government has not addressed our concerns. Therefore, the villagers of all these 11 villages around our village have put up banners boycotting the Lok Sabha elections today. From this evening onwards, there will be banners opposing the Lok Sabha elections in all villages.

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