Gandhinagar SOG Busts Illegal LPG Warehouse, Owner Caught with ₹1.23 Goods

On the Road to Vadser in Saljipura, Kalol Taluka, near Jogani Mata Temple, a gas godown operated without proper permits was raided by the SOG team of Gandhinagar. In a hazardous manner, without legal permits, individuals were transferring cooking gas from domestic LPG cylinders into commercial LPG cylinders, endangering lives for economic gains. A total of 1,23,650 rupees along with other vehicles were seized, and the accused, Ganpat Kanjibhai Parmar, was apprehended.

Another Illegal Gas Operation Busted

In Saljipura Vadser Road, Kalol Taluka, another illegal operation involving LPG gas cylinders was discovered. At 1:30 PM, the SOG team raided a warehouse where unauthorized transfer of cooking gas was taking place. The owner, accused Ganpat Kanjibhai Parmar, was caught red-handed. This involved the transfer of gas between commercial and domestic cylinders of different companies, indicating widespread illegal activities.

Unauthorized Gas Transfer Near Temple

Near Jogani Mata Temple in Bharatji Shankarji Thakor’s compound in Vadser, Kalol, without proper permits, individuals were found transferring gas from one cylinder to another. This risky practice poses a danger to the lives of nearby residents, highlighting the need for strict enforcement and regulation.

Illegal Activities in Gandhinagar

Ganpat Kanjibhai Parmar, owner of a warehouse in Vadodara, was caught red-handed by the Gandhinagar SOG engaging in illegal activities of transferring goods from one barrel to another barrel, thereby transferring the ownership of the goods from one person to another without proper documentation.

At this warehouse, there was an ongoing operation to transfer domestic as well as commercial cylinders of LPG gas and transparent plastic pipes through electric motor medium. The accused was swiftly apprehended by the SOG. Upon inspection at the warehouse, 24 commercial cylinders of LPG gas weighing 24.5 kg, 23 domestic cylinders of LPG gas weighing 23.9 kg, 6 commercial bottles of LPG gas, 4 large bottles, and 1 extra-large bottle, all without proper labeling, 3 commercial bottles of LPG gas without names, 9 small bottles, 8 small bottles of 8 HP commercial gas, and 2 bottles of the same without names, totaling 22 bottles from different companies were found. The total value of these items amounted to Rs. 44,000 for the larger bottles and Rs. 11,000 for the smaller bottles. Additionally, one bottle of Bharat Gas was priced at Rs. 2,000, one bottle of filled Bharat Gas was priced at Rs. 2,000, one filled LPG bottle was priced at Rs. 3,000, and the total value of electric motor pumps, tubes, and transparent plastic pipes amounted to Rs. 10,000. The price of electric wire coils was Rs. 1,000, one loading rickshaw (GJ.27 W.0146) was valued at Rs. 50,000, and the pump was priced at Rs. 500, totaling Rs. 1,23,650. The accused, Ganpat Kanjibhai Parmar, was caught red-handed by the Gandhinagar SOG on Vadsar Road near the Saljipuram Temple in Taluka Jogani with illegal goods seized from this warehouse.

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