Building Gallery Collapses at Midnight in Vadodara

Late at night, around 2:30 am, a balcony on the top floor of Tower A in the U N D Deep Complex collapsed. This has created fear among residents and traders. The entire complex is in deteriorating condition. Cracks have appeared everywhere, and slabs have fallen, prompting demands for redevelopment by local residents.

Panic from the Sound of the Collapse:

Local resident Rajshree Dalvi mentioned in a conversation with Divya Bhaskar that a loud noise was heard around 2:30 am, causing her to rush downstairs. There, she witnessed heavy banging from the floor below. Children often play here, and people are afraid. If the building collapses, it could be catastrophic.

Fear of Living in the Flats:

It has been further stated that after the balcony fell, we have not been able to sleep the entire night. It would be good if this building is reconstructed. However, we are afraid to live in the flats here. We have made complaints, but no action has been taken yet. We fear we might lose our lives anytime. My husband has retired, so it’s not like we can just move to another house.

Demand for Redevelopment:

Trader Tukaram Soni stated that my shop, numbered 45, is located here. The front of my shop has been damaged, so we cannot operate the shop. If this had happened during the day, it would have been a major accident. There are 94 flats, offices, and shops in this complex. 500 to 600 people live here and do business. Thousands of people come here every day. The condition of this building has deteriorated significantly, so redevelopment is necessary.

Second Tragedy Averted:

It has been further stated that this building is 22 to 25 years old, and we have requested for redevelopment, but no action has been taken yet. Another tragedy was averted due to the collapse of the balcony on the last night.

Building Still Unsafe:

Trader Anilbhai mentioned that two months ago, a portion of my shop in this building collapsed, saving my staff. Even last night, a portion of the balcony collapsed, and the building is still unsafe. No action has been taken by the corporation yet. Our demand is to demolish this building and rebuild it.

Children’s Lives at Risk from Tuition Classes:

It has been further mentioned that tuition classes are held here in the morning, and 50 to 100 students attend these tuition classes. Students’ lives are at risk due to the collapse. If this tragedy had occurred during the day, it would have been like the Harani Laksh zone boat accident, where students were crushed to death.

Niyati Rao

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