Ahmedabad’s Firdaus Amrut School Faces Backlash for Decision to Close Gujarat Board

Parents who arrived at Firdaus Amrut School in Shahibaug, Ahmedabad, to protest the decision to discontinue the Gujarat Board curriculum have expressed their anger. Upon reaching the school, parents were voicing their opposition. They are upset with the school’s decision to discontinue the Gujarat Board from Grade 9 and to encourage children to study further under the CBSE Board, without providing clear answers from the school management.

Management Calls Meeting with Parents

At Firdaus Amrut School in Shahibaug Army Cantonment, both Gujarat Board and CBSE Board are being run. Parents were informed of a meeting three days ago by phone. During this meeting, parents of Grade 8 students were informed that the Gujarat Board is being discontinued. They were told to either transfer their child to CBSE Board or seek admission in another school.

Lack of Adequate Response from Management

Parents raised concerns about the school’s conduct with the principal and management. When parents approached the management, they did not receive any satisfactory response. This lack of response has fueled the anger among parents. They allege that the school principal and management have not provided adequate answers and are giving different responses to different parents.

“Then Also Discontinue CBSE Board”

In this matter, parents, including one named Amita Jain, expressed that they were suddenly called for a meeting, making them believe it was a review meeting. However, they were informed during the meeting that the Gujarat Board is being discontinued from Grade 9 onwards. Hence, they were advised to transfer their child to CBSE Board or seek admission in another school. Despite efforts to reach the management, no response or explanation was given. When we tried to contact individuals in the management, they would disconnect our calls or give us wrong numbers. Our demand is that if the Gujarat Board is discontinued for any reason, then the CBSE Board should also be discontinued simultaneously.

“Management Ignores Calls and Saves Wrong Numbers”

Another group of parents revealed that they were called at different times to discontinue the Gujarat Board. When they raised questions, they received no response. Even when they contacted the management, they didn’t get any response. Calls were ignored or wrong numbers were provided. While the school may not see its business affected, it impacts the children. If our children have been studying in this school since nursery, suddenly taking them elsewhere raises questions.

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