Fire Engulfs Tempo on Vadodara’s Golden Bridge, Dramatic Rescue as Driver Escapes Flames

A fire broke out in a tempo loaded with tiles on the Vadodara-Surat Service Road over the National Highway outside Vadodara city. The incident occurred in the early morning when an 18-year-old cleaner inside the tempo caught fire. The nearby residents immediately rushed to help, and the fire brigade from Darjipura was alerted. After controlling the fire, the lifeless body of the cleaner was recovered from the tempo. Fortunately, the quick response of the locals saved the surrounding area from further damage. The incident resulted in an unexpected traffic jam on the Golden Bridge due to a truck collision with a dumper shortly after the fire was extinguished. The trapped truck driver was rescued and taken to the hospital.

Fire Breakout Due to Short Circuit

Early in the morning today, a tempo loaded with tiles caught fire on the Vadodara-Surat Service Road over the Golden Bridge. The fire was caused by a short circuit in the tempo’s battery, and the driver, Himanshu Pathak, jumped out in the nick of time. Unfortunately, an 18-year-old cleaner named Mrigesh Ninama, who was asleep in the tempo’s cabin, could not escape and lost his life in the fire.

Recovery of Deceased from the Cabin

As the fire raged in the tempo, local residents rushed to the scene, and the fire brigade staff from Darjipura, including fireman Naginbhai Rathva, responded swiftly. They managed to control the fire, preventing it from spreading further. After the fire was extinguished, the lifeless body of the cleaner was retrieved from the cabin, and the police were informed about the tragic incident.

Chaos Unleashed

The fire that engulfed this tempo early in the morning caused chaos in the area. Since the incident happened on the Vadodara-Surat Service Road over the Golden Bridge, it didn’t affect the traffic on the highway below. The police are investigating the accidental gunshot in this incident. This incident created chaos and traffic congestion in the surrounding area.

Rescue of Trapped Truck Driver

Following this incident, late at night, a dumper and a truck collided on the Golden Bridge. The dumper’s rear end went over the truck’s cabin due to the impact. The trapped truck driver, Shafibhai Malek, was safely rescued by the fire brigade and taken to the hospital. This accident resulted in a temporary traffic disruption on the bridge. Once the situation was resolved, the traffic returned to normal. The police are investigating this incident as well.

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